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Xerath Coming to TFT Set Galaxies

Sneaking under the radar, a new legendary sorcerer has ascended into TFT Set 3 Galaxies PBE.

Now that the Galaxies Mechanics has finally been activated in Teamfight Tactics Set 3 Galaxies, Riot Games continue to work on the next patch cycle. It appears Riot Games are wasting no time with the new updates by adding a brand-new unit to TFT Set 3, Xerath.

The new unit was identified whilst playing some TFT on the PBE patch cycle 10.8. Heading into the latest stages, Xerath appeared in the shop, unveiling Xerath’s Traits, Cost and skills.

TFT Xerath

Tft Xerath Purchase Card
TFT Xerath Purchase Card

Xerath Traits

Xerath’s Origin is Dark Star after falling victim to the Dark Star itself, whilst his class will be that of a Sorcerer.

From the image above, Xerath will be 5 cost unit and will have a chance to appear once you reach level 7 or higher.

Tft Xerath Found In The Shop
TFT Xerath Found In The Shop

Xerath Skills

Tft Xerath Skills Info
TFT Xerath Skills Info

Once Xerath has filled his mana bar up, the Magnus Ascendant will transform, rooting himself to the ground. For 6 Seconds, he will shoot meteors at random target. If the Meteor kills the target, adjacent enemies take Magic Damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

TFT Xerath Abilities
TFT Xerath Abilities

Xearth TFT Release Date

The new unit is found within patch 10.8 cycle so presumably will be available in League of Legends next patch update, 15th April 2020.

There is a small possibility it will be as soon as next week. Sometimes TFT patches are deployed during the bi-weekly updates. We will keep you posted.

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