When Should You Make 3 Star Units Tft Guide

When Should You Make 3 Star Units [TFT Guide]

When and Why to three start units in Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games’ auto-battler, Teamfight Tactics offers enormous amounts of flexibility when trying to win games. Players can choose which traits to aim for, which champions to utilize and even select what unit to carry items. That being said, the Gold economy and how you manage it plays a massive part in your success in most bouts. Wasting valuable gold can lose games alone, so it’s no wonder why many players outright stay away from going for three-star units. In this guide, we’ll go over when and why you should aim for three-star units.

Aiming for three-star champions is costly and its why players shouldn’t aim for multiple three-star units at once. Disclaimer, everything you read below will not be including Hyper-roll strategies.

When Should You Make 3 Star Units In TFT

Typically when trying to develop a unit to three stars, the risk is not worth it. Wasting Gold and bench space on a gamble doesn’t make much sense unless the champion in question is core to your entire team composition. However, there are certain situations in each game where the risk versus rewards can be worth it. Let’s break down each gamble by the cost of units, starting with Tier 1.

Three Star Tier 1 Units

Tier one units are naturally the most forgiving units in TFT Set 2 to go for which is why they are mostly included in most Hyper Rolling strategies. Their cost means you don’t have to heavily dip into your Gold econ and having these units sit on your bench won’t lose you a lot of income. However, just because the units are so cheap, don’t mean you should aim for three-star one cost champions every game. In fact, most of the time you won’t unless some or all of the below conditions are true.

  • Taken very little damage
  • Healthy Economy
  • Frequently seeing one-tier champions
  • Opponents aren’t going for the same unit

When the previous conditions are false, for example, you have a good start on a three-star Vayne but you notice an opponent is also aiming to three-star Vayne, it’s generally best to stop wasting gold to try and complete her and focus on improving your econ. Having multiple opponents aiming for the same unit increases the amount of Gold you’ll need to invest in securing the unit yourself.

Three Star Tier 2 Units

Unfortunately, making a tier 2 unit three stars is incredibly unlikely a move you’ll want to make. In Teamfight Tactics Set 2, most two cost champions severely lack the power to win you games. Investing all that gold into a unit that is unable to effectively carry you to a win is unwise. To secure a two cost unit to three stars it’ll cost you a total of 18 Gold not to mention taking up valuable bench space. In most scenarios, this will only grant you minor damage buff for the champion which’s negligible by the end game. Here’s some situation in which making a three-star unit that costs 2 Gold could make sense.

  • Stable in both Health and Gold
  • Each unit on the board is already 2-stars
  • You’ve roll at least 5 before Stage 3 Carousel

Three Star Tier 3 Units

The most standard three-star units to make in TFT. Similarly to how Hyper rolling focuses around three staring one cost units, many popular team compositions right now focuses around three starring tier three units. The likes of Veigar and Sivir remain fantastic champions to three-star as they have huge carry potential and have great traits that fit with strong comps – Ocean mage, Blademasters. Bear in mind; you will only want to three-star 3-cost units if they are your team’s main carry and your entire comp is focused around them.

Three cost champions are enormously powerful in the mid-game and in most situations making them two stars will be enough to get you into the end game. However, here’s some scenarios on when you should look to three-star 3 cost units.

  • Unit is your late game carry
  • Opponents are not focusing on a champion rolled multiple times.
  • Great econ and Good board position
  • Hail Mary – Last-ditch effort, high risk high reward. (I do not recommend this but, if your low on health and have a decent econ… Gamble.)

Three Star Tier 4 Units

Let’s start off perfectly clear, you’re virtually never going to three-star a tier 4 unit. Unless you’re absurdly rich and way ahead of your opponents. Certain team compositions can be completed relatively early and in some lucky situations, your entire team can be fully two stars. If your team physically can no longer gain in power from units alone, then sure, try to make a four cost three stars if you wish. In most cases, these are the only reasons to do so.

  • Insanely Rich + High Health
  • Team Composition is completed

Three Star Tier 5 Units


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