When is Replay & Spectate Mode Coming To TFT

As for all esport games, witnessing the action as it happens live is key to a successful game. At the moment, Teamfight Tactics doesn’t have a Spectate Mode like League of Legends. This could sound bizarre since there are both games within the same client. That said, it has been reported that a Spectate Mode will come to TFT along with a replay functionality but the question is when?

TFT Replay & Spectate Mode in Development

In a recent roadmap update posted on the official TFT twitter, T.J “Riot Green Teej” Bourus revealed Riot’s plans for TFT heading into next year that included information about what to expect from the upcoming set and also features. The widely demanded spectate mode was one of the features mentioned here.

Green Teej related to the importance of introducing Spectate Mode for the progress of TFT esports going into the future. He also stated this year’s original intention was to get a Spectate Mode launched. Unfortunately, due to the difficulties presented by the mobile debut, Green Teej has reported a Spectate Feature will not come in 2020. However, he said the development team is working tirelessly to provide the players with that thrilling experience in the future.

While a time line is not yet available, fans ought to be confident of seeing the new features introduced to Teamfight Tactics. This is because the dev team have set Spectate Mode a high priority. We can expect future dev updates to provide more information as and when Spectate mode is close. Riot’s hopes are that the feature will be ready to roll out by early next year!

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