Ulitmate Tft Guide The Cloud Board Master

Ultimate TFT Guide – The Cloud Board Master

The four special elemental board forms are one of the most unique aspects of TFT’s set 2 Rise of the Elements. Each game, players will be battling it out on either a Cloud, Ocean, Mountain or Infernal board with each providing unique buffs to units situated on one of the two elemental hexes. TFTDom’s guide below will provide everything you need to know to become The Cloud Board Master!

What are TFT Elemental Hexes?

The second set of Teamfight Tactics is named, Rise of the Elements. Titled perfectly after the introduction of the new elemental hexes which act similarly to the current Summoner’s Rift Elemental Dragons. Decided at random, each match will start with one of the four elements. Based on the chosen element, hexes will appear on the board that grants buffs to the units placed on them.

Placing a unit on an elemental hex will take up an item slot. If a unit currently possesses three items and is placed on an elemental hex, the hex will provide no effects. After the first carousel, one hex will appear and once you’ve reached rounds 3-1 a second hex will appear with the location identical for all players.

TFT Cloud Elemental Board

What stats do Cloud Hexes Provide? Placing a unit on a hex with the Cloud element will grant +30 Dodge Chance.

Best TFT Cloud Items

Maximizing the Dodge mechanic is typically a dependable route when building items on a Cloud board. Even though it’s been nerfed recently and is expected to change, Icebourne Gauntlet is a strong choice for any close-range unit in the fray and clearly has synergy with the board. While Sparring Gloves can be hard to obtain during the item Carousel if presented with the opportunity, snatch one!

Items that can prolong life are extremely strong on Cloud boards especially if you pair it with scaling power items like Bloodthirster – Guinsoo’s Rageblade combo.

Item Carousel

Approach each Carousel round with clear objective goals, focusing on single items that when combined produce practical full items.

  • Sparring Gloves (Iceborne Gauntlet, Thief’s Gloves)
  • B.F Sword (Bloodthirster, Deathblade, Guardian Angel)

For the best TFT Cloud combined items, select strong items that are in sync with sustainability or increased dodge chance.

  • Icebourne Gauntlet
  • Bloodthirster
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade
  • Deathblade

Best Champs and Team Comps – TFT Cloud Board

For cloud boards, boosting the potential dodge chance of a unit while dishing out high DPS is important, making ideal traits for Cloud Boards Blademasters, Assassins, and Berserkers. resilient units that can attack rapidly to sustain are clearly favorable like Olaf.


  • Olaf
  • Master Yi
  • Nocturne
  • Yasuo


  • Assassins
  • Blademasters
  • Berserkers

In this example, we take advantage of strong Blademasters and combining them with Janna for the additional dodge chance via the Cloud Trait.

Yorick and the Light trait add an unbearable amount of sustain which when added to the high dodge chance of other units makes it very difficult for the team to die.

Cloud Board Final Notes

Playing on cloud boards generally involves a mixture of units that would otherwise be too flimsy to remain alive on their own. Stacking Traits and Items to help these units stay alive as long as possible to deal massive damage is the core goal. Back line hexes can be used by Berserkers or even Assassins whereas front line hexes will generally work better for Blademasters.

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