TFT Treasure Trove And Star Cluster Galaxies

Two Exciting Brand-New Galaxies Coming To TFT Set 3 Galaxies

Riot Games is set to bolster their list of unique Galaxies mechanics in TFT Set 3 as Star Cluster Galaxy and Treasure Trove Galaxies are spotted on LoL PBE Server patch 10.9 cycle.

Both Galaxies add some interesting set of rules that give users a different approach to a typical Teamfight Tactics game. Giving players some fresh and exciting new experience like never before.

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Star Cluster Galaxy

Tft Star Cluster Galaxies
Tft Star Cluster Galaxies

The Star Cluster Galaxy adds a unique twist on the carousel rounds. Any unit that is a 3 cost or lower will have floating star particles surrounding them. What this means, if you pick any of these units, they will already be at tier 2.

Providing tier 2 champions earlier will allow players to execute fewer re-rolls and save gold. Allowing them to begin assembling their team composition earlier and enable them to get 3 starred champions more efficiently.

As you head into mid/late game, 4 cost units or higher will start to appear in the carousel. You will need to make a decision whether to grab a 4/5 cost unit or grab yourself a 2 starred unit.

Treasure Trove Galaxy

TFT Treasure Trove Galaxies
TFT Treasure Trove Galaxies

There is roughly a 50% chance you will enter a unique galaxy but there is a about 1% chance to get the Treasure Trove Galaxy.

What makes this galaxy so special is that it will undoubtedly create some extreme scenarios where you can potentially have 9 items before you reach an opponent.

The Treasure Trove Galaxy focuses on the creatures that inhabit the galaxy. Where, if you are to kill any of the creatures, you are guaranteed to obtain an item, units or gold.

It is unclear whether there are hidden formulas so users do not get items every time but considering you face 9 minions before you first round against an opponent, it sets up for some exciting stuff.

Expect the Treasure Trove Galaxy to be explosive and non-stop action from all the loot gathered from minions.

Maybe, a hidden team comp will be born?

We expect to see both Treasure Trove and Star Cluster Galaxies to roll out in patch 10.9. Please keep in mind, content on PBE are subject to change, removed or delayed.

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