TFT New Trait Milestones

TFT Traits Will See Big Changes in Patch 10.8

Five new traits, Dark Star, Blademaster, Rebel, Infiltrator and Protector receive additional milestones making them more powerful than ever.

Riot Games are setting to make some big changes to traits during TFT next patch cycle by adding additional trait milestones. Making the traits more powerful than ever to help you finish of your opponents in the later stages of the game.

For those hoping to go flat out to achieve a full Dark Star board of 9 units will able to do so and be rewarded with the new bonus effect.

Traits that has received the additional milestones are Blademaster, Dark Star, Infiltrator, Protector and Rebel. You will notice, these are all traits that can be created when combining the Item Spatula with another base item.

Star Guardian, Demolitionist and Celestial are traits that can be made with spatula but do not have additional milestones. Currently, there are no details if Riot Games plans to target these traits further down the line.

In the mean time, you can check out the additional bonus effects for Blademaster, Dark Star, Infiltrator, Protector and Rebel below and their new milestone requirement.


TFT New Trait Tiers Blademaster

Blademaster trait will now have a new 9 unit milestone where Blademaster will have a 100% chance to trigger two additional attack against their targets.

Currently, there are 7 Blademaster units. In order to gain the full 9 unit bonus effect, you will need to rely on turning two non-blademaster units into blademasters. Combining a B.F. Sword and a Spatula will give you a Blademaster trait item for you to place on your chosen unit.

TFT Blademaster Additional Milestones
TFT Blademaster Additional Milestones

Dark Star

TFT New Trait Tiers Dark Star

Following Blademasters, Dark Star will too have a new 9 unit milestone. Having 9 Dark Star units will gain 45 Attack Damage and Spell Power every time a Dark Star unit is eliminated.

It will be harder to gain Dark Star units because the current live version of TFT Set 3 Galaxies, there are only 6 Dark Star champions. However, with the inclusion of new unit, Xerath, another Dark Star unit, it should be a more achievable.

You will need to turn two more units into a Dark Star unit. Combining Spatula and Sparring Glove with give you the Dark Star Trait item.

TFT Dark Star Additional Milestones
TFT Dark Star Additional Milestones


TFT New Trait Tiers Infiltrator

Infiltrator trait has been expanded to include a new 6 unit milestone. Providing all Infiltrator unit a 120% bonus attack speed for 6 seconds which is refreshed on takedown.

With five Infiltrator units already available, you will only need to turn one unit into an Infiltrator to reach the max milestone requirement. Item needed to create the Infiltrator trait items you will need to combine a Spatula and a Recurve Bow.

TFT Infiltrator Additional Milestones
TFT Infiltrator Additional Milestones


TFT New Trait Tiers Protector

Following Infiltrators, the Protector trait will also have 6 unit milestone. Boosting Protector maximum health shield gained to 45% for 4 seconds after a spell has been casted.

Protector currently has only 4 Protector units, so combining the Spatula with a Giant’s Belt will help you get the addition Protector units.

TFT Protector Additional Milestones
TFT Protector Additional Milestones


TFT New Trait Tiers Rebel

New changes to Rebel will allow users to have a full board of Rebel units due to the additional 9 unit milestone bracket. 9 Rebel Unit will give Rebel units 275 Shield and 15% increase damage.

Similar to Dark Star, Rebel have 7 units available. Therefore, two additional unit will need to be made into Rebel. Combining the golden Spatula and a chain vest with provide you with the Rebel trait item.

TFT Rebel Additional Milestones
TFT Rebel Additional Milestones

More units coming to TFT Set 3?

Due to the shortage of units available to achieve the maximum bonus effect and not let players rely on Spatulas, Riot Games will need to increase the TFT Set 3 Roster. And it maybe sooner than you think.

Riot Games have already began increasing the champion pool size with the introduction of Xerath. However at the time, there is no further details if there will be more added.

Maybe, there will be a new Galaxies, where every carousel round, a player receive a spatula to receive the full potential updated traits.

In addition, upon reaching the max trait bonus effect, the Trait icon will have a nice rainbow effect.

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