Tft Galaxies Arenas Darkstar Black Hole

TFT Set 3 Galaxies Pass and Pass+ Announced

Teamfight Tactics upgrade player’s rewards with the introduction of TFT Galaxies Pass and Pass+

During the first two Set, Riot Games admittedly neglected the reward system in Teamfight Tactics in favour of clearing out bugs, improving the game experience, while also porting the auto battler to mobile. Rewards consisted of icons, emotes and some random Little Legends eggs that was either hit or miss. With the new TFT Galaxies Pass and Pass+ players can expect to unlock exciting and creative maps, Funky Little Legends and more.

Riot Games’ business model has always been one that’s absolutely against pay to win, to fully enforce this stance they set themselves some ground rules for the TFT Galaxies Pass+ outlined below:

  • Never pay for power or gameplay advantages: That’s the entirety of the first one.
  • Have fun and engaging cosmetics, no matter how much you spend: We believe all players should experience the fun in customizing their TFT experience, whether you want to collect it all or just play to earn.
  • Create content that allows you to express yourself and say what you want to say: We know that some of you want to show off that 3-Star Sugarcone Furyhorn or impress everyone with your collection of Little Legends, others want to flex on all the people in your lobby with Ranked swag, or maybe you want to match that green arena with the green Fae Hushtail. Our hope is that each of you will find something to get excited about.
Tft Galaxies Pass
TFT Galaxies Pass+

TFT Galaxies Pass

No longer in beta, the Teamfight Tactics pass will look the same as before including an identical number of rewards available. The attention to detail, however, will not be the same with Riot promising maps will be seriously upgraded and not the previous recolored variants featured in past rewards.

Crash Site Tft Galaxies Pass
Crash Site TFT Galaxies Pass

TFT Galaxies Pass+

By upgrading to the Galaxies Pass + will unlock over 20 levels of rewards and a much-needed upgrade to the River Sprite – UFO Sprite. Now you’ll be able to jump across galaxies in style!

Tft Galaxies Pass Ufo Sprite
TFT Galaxies Pass Ufo Sprite

Additionally included in the pass is a time-limited Astronaut Moldevdiver that players will have to work towards.

Astromole Galaxies Pass
Astromole Galaxies Pass+ Time Limited

New to the Teamfight Tactics cosmetics line up are Booms! Modifying the damage particles of your Little Legends and units, the Booms come in three different tiers of scaling visual impact. We’re assuming some will be available as a reward in the Pass+. Naturally, we can expect to discover eggs, icons and emote still scattered in there somewhere. A couple of bonus rewards has been teased with one being a guaranteed Legendary Little Legend!

How much will the Galaxies Pass+ Cost?

The TFT Galaxies Pass+ plus will be priced at 1350 RP. You can earn XP for this pass until June 9th, 2020 at 11AM PT, and the pass will be available for purchase until then as well.

Progress changes

Orb of Enlightenment has been removed from TFT, instead, players will level up by receiving a flat amount of XP each time they play a game. There’s also no daily cap on how much XP players can earn, so luckily players can continually progress through their Galaxies Pass. Missions will grant a flat 200 XP and will consist of only three instead of the previous 6 a week. They should be a little more challenging now, or at least more creative than before.

TFT Galaxies New Little Legends

TFT Galaxies New Arenas

Tft Galaxies Arenas Darkstar Supernova
TFT Galaxies Arenas Darkstar Supernova
Tft Galaxies Arenas Darkstar Celestial
TFT Galaxies Arenas Darkstar Celestial
Tft Galaxies Arenas Darkstar Black Hole
TFT Galaxies Arenas Darkstar Black Hole
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