Tft Little Legends List

TFT Little Legends Series 6

How to collect Series 6 Friends from Afar Little Legends?

Collect Craggle, Flutterbug and Tocker by purchasing Little Legends Series 6 Friends from Agar Eggs from Riot Store within the client. 

You can either purchase one egg which will instantly reveal one random Friends from Afar Little Legends from Series 5 or you can opt for the bundle of 10 Little Legend eggs. The bundle will also include one free additional egg.

Little Legends Series 6 Friends From Afar Eggs
Little Legends Series 6 Friends From Afar Eggs

A single Little Legends eggs costs 490 RP (Riot Points) and the biggest bundle costing 4900 RP. For those looking after their RP can choose the 5 Friends from Afar bundle for 2450 RP but you do not get a free egg with it.

If you have collected all of Friends from Afar Little Legends from Series 6, you can forge your Series 6 Little Legends for a Random Little Legend Egg.

A Random Little Legend Egg will hatch one Random Little Legends from any series of ones you do not currently own.

Forging Little Legends into a Random Little Legends Egg



Black Mist Craggle

Hextech Craggle

Legionnaire Craggle

Sandbringer Craggle

True Ice Craggle



Beevil Flutterbug

Ixtali Flutterbug

Legionnaire Flutterbug

Sandbringer Flutterbug

True Ice Flutterbug



Black Mist Tocker

Chemtech Tocker

Legionnaire Tocker

Petal Dancer Tocker

Petricite Tocker

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