TFT 10.5 Patch Notes More Shadow Nerfs Including Sion

TFT 10.5 Patch Notes – More Shadow Nerfs Including Sion

Teamfight Tactics Set 3 update is just around the corner as March approaches. Currently, TFT patch 10.4B is live while a fresh batch of changes has landed on the PBE for evaluation. Let’s take a closer look at what TFT 10.5 patch offers!

From what has emerged so far, adjustments in the forthcoming update do not appear to be drastic – but a couple of Champs are seeing some soul-warming buffs. Assassin Diana benefits greatly to the duration of her shield, in addition, Riot also raised her orb amount. The healing properties of Janna and Nocturne have been adjusted, and Dr. Mundo and Rek’Sai can now dish out more punishment.

TFT 10.5 PBE Patch Notes

These represent all the changes currently on the PBE Test Server! These may not always work their way to the actual live servers of the game, but they’re a reliable indicator of what the developers are aiming for in the next patch.

The 10.5 Patch is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, March 4th, 2020.

Trait Updates

  • Blademaster – Chance to trigger additional attacks increased to 40% from 35%
  • Electric – (3) Damage increased to 275 from 250, (4) Damage increased to 550 from 500
  • Shadow – (6) Increased damage decreased to 150% from 165%

Champion Updates

  • Lux – Damage changed to 200/550/900/9999 from 550/900/9999
  • Leona – Damage reduction duration decreased to 4s from 5s
  • Karma – Attack speed changed to 35/50/100% from 40/60/80%
  • Diana – Shield duration increased to 4s from 3s, Orb amount increased to 3/4/7 from 3/4/5
  • Dr. Mundo – Damage increased to 50/100/200 from 50/100/150
  • Janna – Heal increased to 25/35/200% from 20/30/100%
  • Nocturne – Healing percentage increased to 50/60/70% from 40/45/50%
  • Rek’Sai – Damage increased to 250/550/1000 from 250/550/850
  • Sion – Damage lowered to 200/375/750 from 200/400/800
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