TFT 10.4 Glacial Added Effects Buff Nerfs And More Pbe

TFT 10.4 Glacial Added Effects – Buff, Nerfs & More [PBE]

Teamfight Tactics 10.3 patch is thoroughly underway, bringing Riot’s auto battler the typical changes and enhancements. Naturally, this means TFT has been tweaked on the PBE in preparation for the Teamfight Tactics 10.4 patch. Let’s take a look at the changes we can expect in 10.4.

It seems the update introduces only minor adjustments in the game, from what is presently being tested on the PBE. In prior patch notes, Riot said it was “keeping with our theme from 10.2 by generally buffing things that are weak rather than nerfing things that are strong” and so far TFT patch 10.4 appears to be following suit. Which is not to say, however, there aren’t some fun and fascinating shake-ups to improve Teamfight Tactics.

Glacial Champions enjoys a fancy new effect to test out. Basic attacks by Glacial units are now carrying an added boost – The ability to stun remains but now comes with some much-needed bonus damage. Furthermore, the Champions lineup also features a bunch of different balance adjustments, with thankfully several tweaks for the Soulbound Champ Senna.

Teamfight Tactics 10.4 Champions Changes – PBE

These tentative changes are subject to change before they go live.

  • Malphite – changed
  • Unstoppable Force – Damage changed to 150/250/1000 from 150/300/1000
  • Master Yi – buffed
  • Meditate – Duration of gained attack speed and bonus magic damage increased to 8 seconds from 6
  • Nami – buffed
  • Damage increased to 100/200/1000 from 100/200/300
  • Allies’ bonus damage now increased to 50/75/500 from 25/50/300
  • Senna – changed
  • Piercing Darkness – Damage increased to 100/200/300 from 50/100/150
  • Duration of on-hit buff for allies decreased to 4 from 5
  • Damage of on-hit buff for allies increased to 25/60/100 from 15/40/65
  • Taliyah – nerfed
  • Seismic Shove – Duration of stun effect decreased to 1.5 seconds from 2 seconds
  • Taric – changed
  • Duration of invulnerability changed to 2.5/2.5/8 from 3/3/5

Teamfight Tactics 10.4 Trait Changes – PBE

  • Glacial – changed
  • New Effect! “Basic Attacks from Glacials have a 25% chance to stun their target for 1.50 seconds and do bonus Magic Damage.”
  • (2 Champions) – 50 Magic Damage
  • (4 Champions) – 125 Magic Damage
  • (6 Champions) – 250 Magic Damage

There’s still a fair while until Teamfight Tactics 10.4 hits the live servers, due Thursday, February 20. So expect to see more TFT changes before then. Missed the last patch notes? Check out TFT 10.3 update here.

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