Tft 10.3 Patch Notes Spatula Changes Buffs Nerfs

TFT 10.3 Patch Notes – Spatula Changes, Buffs, & Nerfs

A brief glance at The planned TFT 10.3 Patch Notes that will initiate some minor changes as the end of the TFT season approaches. This will be a smaller patch than usual, as the TFT development team is no longer making stringent changes to the game mode; they said they were quite content with the current state of Teamfight Tactics as it is. TFT 10.3 will still feature the typical changes to various champions, traits, and items.

TFT 10.3 Patch Release Date

The latest TFT 10.3 Patch is scheduled for release on Wednesday, Feb 5th, 2020.

Current 10.3 PBE Changes

While it’s likely that the changes below will all make their way in the planned 10.3 changes, they are subject to change. Here’s a look at all the changes currently on the PBE for 10.3.

Teamfight Tactics 10.3 Spatula Changes

One major change that’s expected to occur in 10.3 is Spatula does not appear on the carousel rounds anymore. It qualifies as one of the most dominant items in the game since it can provide a different origin to any champion, completing a certain synergy that you were striving for. To account for the elimination of the Spatula from carousel rounds, there has been an increase in the probability of getting one from creep rounds.

Teamfight Tactics Trait Changes

  • Assassin: Critical Strike damage changed to 70%/210% (adjusted from 65%/225%).
  • Light: (3) Attack speed increase from 15% to 20%, (6) Attack speed lowered from 35% to 30%, (9) Attack speed lowered from 55% to 50%
  • Lunar: Spell damage buff per stack earned changed to 15% (up from 10%).
  • Shadow: Damage buff changed to 65%/165% (down from 65%/175%).

Teamfight Tactics Champion Changes

  • Annie: Attack speed changed to 0.65 (up from 0.6). Tibbers HP changed to 1600/2200/3000 (adjusted from 2000 on all levels).
  • Braum: Shield damage reduction changed to 80/85/90 (up from 70/80/90).
  • Dr. Mundo: Base HP changed to 800 (up from 750).
  • Janna: Stun duration changed to 1.5 seconds (up from 1 second).
  • Jax: Spell damage changed to 150/300/550 (up from 150/250/450).
  • Kog’Maw: Spell damage changed to 150/300/500 (up from 125/275/425).
  • LeBlanc: Spell damage changed to 225/475/800 (up from 200/450/800).
  • Lucian: Amount of shots ultimate fires changed to 12 (up from 10). Attack damage bonus of ultimate shots changed to 30%/40%/50% (up from 25%/40%/50%).
  • Lux: Spell damage changed to 550/900/9999 (down from 600/900/9999).
  • Master Yi: Attack speed changed to 1.1 (up from 1.0).
  • Nocturne: Base attack damage changed to 60 (up from 55).
  • Olaf: Ultimate attack speed bonus changed to 100%/150%/450% (up from 100%/150%/300%).
  • Ornn: Ultimate debuff changed to 25% (up from 20%). Debuff duration changed to 10 seconds (up from 4 seconds).
  • Rek’Sai: Armor changed to 35 (up from 30).
  • Vayne: Attack speed changed to 0.70 (down from 0.75).
  • Yasuo: Mana required to cast ultimate changed to 85 (down from 100).
  • Yorick: Mist Walker HP changed to 400/700/2000 (down from 600/800/2000). The number of Mist Walkers summoned changed to 3/3/12 (up from 2/3/12). Mana required to cast ultimate changed to 85 (up from 75).
  • Zed: Starting mana changed to 75 (up from 50).

Teamfight Tactics Items Changes

  • Infinity Edge: Critical hit damage changed to 100% (down from 125%).
  • Ionic Spark: Percentage of mana dealt as damage changed to 225% (up from 200%).
  • Luden’s Echo: Damage changed to 150/175/225 (adjusted from 125/175/250).
  • Spatula: No longer appears in carousel rounds. Chances of receiving a golden loot box increased.
  • Statikk Shiv: Magic damage changed to 85 (up from 80).
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