Teamfight Tactics Summoner Guide Abilities Items And Unique Interactions

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Summoner Guide: Abilities, Items & Unique Interactions

Summoner units have dropped in and out of the meta during Set 2 for many reasons, however, there are still many general knowledge tips that people do not know about the Summoner Class. In this guide, I’ll be covering Summoner Champions and more importantly every ability and item interactions that uniquely work with each champion’s summon.


Summoner units have increased health and duration.

  • (3) 30% HP + Duration
  • (6) 120% HP + Duration

Available Summoner Champions Set 2

Annie Azir Malzahar Yorick Zed Zyra

How is Summoned Minion’s damage calculated?

When playing with or against Summoners, calculating the damage, you’ll deal with or take from your opponent can be misleading. You finish a TFT round with multiple Summoned Minions only to deal 2 damage to the enemy, what’s up with that?

To help make the damage process easier for players to calculate Riot Mort stated the following:

“Because people will ask, the summoner rule works like this:
if a 2-star Malzahar is dead at the end of the round, but there are 12 voidling on the map, the game pretends Malz was still alive and deals 2 player damage.”

TFT Summoner’s Scaling and Items

Excluding Zed, all summoned minions attacks do not scale from AD as you may have believed, instead they all scale from Ability Power. This allows Summoner units to benefit from a considerable number of items, in addition, this means that Dragon’s Claw will decrease Summoned Minion’s damage and is a great counter to Summoners in general.

Item Interactions that work with Summoners

Many items within Teamfight Tactics have special on-hit effects and unique item interactions with each other. But do they work with Summoned Minions?

Here are all AP items that will be Proc by Minions:

  • Morellonomicon: The burn debuff and healing reductions will proc when your minions attack a champion. However, if the Summoned champion dies before the minions do, your minions will no longer apply the debuffs.
  • Jeweled Gauntlet: Minions will benefit from the Crit chance and can produce some powerful attacks with this item.
  • Inferno Cinder: Minions will proc the Inferno’s damage over time effects.
  • Mage’s Cap: Placing a Mage Cap onto a Summoner unit will indeed double-cast creating double the Minions. Annie with two angry bears… Yes, please!
  • Hextech Gunblade: The Spellvamp generated from Hextech Gunblade will proc from your Summon Minions healing your champion.
  • Luden’s Echo: While Echo can proc from Summoned Minions first auto-attack, it’s generally underwhelming and not recommended.

Summoned Champions With Unique Interactions


Zed functions a little differently, unlike the other Summoner units, items work independently on Zed meaning each clone can trigger their own item’s effects. Items like Talisman of Light will proc on all Zed clones, and Deathblade stacks will carry over to all active clones.


The Emperor of the Sands is the only Summoner that attacks speed will directly affect his summons. Items like Rageblade and Blade of the Ruined King will mimic from Azir due to the clone attack only when Azir does.

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