Teamfight Tactics Set 3 Release Date

Teamfight Tactics Set 3 Release Date

When will TFT Set 2 end and will there be a Set 3?

Riot’s auto battler Teamfight Tactics is setting itself up for an eventful 2020, with the mobile release anticipated in the first quarter and TFT set 3 on the horizon.

Very sparse information is known about Teamfight Tactics upcoming set, whether we receive new champions and traits remains to be seen. Lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer did, however, shed some light as to when we can realistically expect Set 2 to finish.

Speaking to his fanbase on his Twitch stream, Mortdog stated the following in response to the question “Is there a set date?”

“Yes, I can’t announce it. All we’ve said is Set Two will last as long as Set One. And so I keep telling people to do the math.”

On June 26, TFT launched Set One and switched it out on November 6, exactly 19 weeks. From those calculations, it seems as though around March 18, Set Three may debut. But Riot has not officially confirmed the deadline, and if developers find issues during development stages, it’s likely to shift.

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