Teamfight Tactics Runaans Hurricane Interactions

Teamfight Tactics Runaan’s Hurricane Interactions

Runaan’s Hurricane is a fun item in Teamfight Tactics that provides some extensive interactions with other champions, traits, and items. Firing extra missiles and applying on-hit effects, there are many possible unique interactions within TFT. In this guide, I’ll be covering what Runaan’s Hurricane interactions actually work and those that do not.

Runaan’s Hurricane
Basic Attacks fire an additional missile at another nearby enemy, dealing 60% of the wearer’s Attack damage and applying on-hit effects.

What Works With Runaan’s Hurricane

Class Buffs

  • Glacial – Bolts fired from Runaan’s Will stun the enemy.
  • Berserkers – The cone that Berserkers apply does indeed proc on the Hurricane bolt.
  • Predators – Instantly killing their target if they damage it below 25% can proc from Runaan’s Hurricane.


  • Titanic Hydra – Similar in effect to Berserkers, Titanic Hydra will also proc from Runaan’s bolt.
  • Giant Slayer – Additional 5% of target’s Maximum Health as true damage will proc from the item.
  • Hush, Red Buff and Sword Breaker’s on-hit effect can all be procced by the Hurricane’s bolts
  • Spear of Shojin – Units gain a maximum of 10 mana per auto-attack, Runaan’s Hurricane does not increase this. However, Paired with a Spear of Shojin, the wearer will receive double the mana per bolt.
  • Iceborn Gauntlet – While the bolt can proc the freeze stun from the Gauntlets, Hurricane provides no additional benefits (Only one unit will be frozen).
  • Double Runaan’s – Gain a second bolt.


Already widely known, Vayne’s Silver bolts do indeed proc with Runaan’s.

What Doesn’t Work With Runaan’s Hurricane

  • Statikk Shiv – The additional missiles do not help towards the three autos required to proc Statikk Shiv.
  • Last Whisper – Due to the Bolts from Hurricane being unable to crit, Last whisper cannot be activated with the item.
  • Sivir – A recent nerf currently prevents Runaan’s from proccing off Ricochet, in addition, Blademaster procs also do not work.
  • Azir – Azir’s Soldiers do not take advantage of the bolt in any way.
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