teamfight tactics invitational tournament returning for set 3

Teamfight Tactics Invitational Tournament Returning for Set 3


The competition will include 16 influencers from around the world in TFT’s newest set, TFT: Galaxies, competing against one another. The 16 players must fight each other for a slice of a $150,000. The event will be held online and not in a live studio, attributable to the Coronavirus. Players will play from home while the game will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube starting at 3 pm PST on March 12th.

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Riot flew out several of Twitch’s most famous streamers to play in the exclusive tournament for the Set 2 invitational. Throughout the tournament, Riot encouraged our favorite streamers to mix things up and get creative to really show off the new Set. Introducing quirky achievements and challenges to individuals to gain points. Unfortunately, not all of the tasks went down with the fans including the sporadic mid-game interviews.

The invitational set-two prize pool was $150,000 divided among the 16 players invited to play. Red Bull, the energy drink maker, also sponsored the fun event. Prolific streamers such as Hafu, Scarra, and Disguised Toast attended the event along with some high ranked TFT players.

It is unknown at this time who has been invited to appear in the Set 3 invitational event. However, many of the highly ranked TFT players have not been invited according to k3Soju. Specifically, he mentions Golden Guardians’ player DeliciousMilkGG and Team Liquid’s Kurumx.

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Many of the more intricate details of the event remain unclear like prize money, sponsors and format, however, with TFT Set 3 due to launch within a few weeks, it won’t be long before Riot discloses this information. We’ll update this article in the coming days with all the latest information.

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