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Teamfight Tactics Best Cybernetic Build Set 3

At present, Cybernetic build is among the most popular builds in TFT 10.6 patch because they feature powerful champions that dramatically scale with items all of which provide even more stat value thanks to the Cybernetic trait bonus. Several Cybernetic units carrying a single item ramp up the bonus to the point that if played correctly, it can overwhelm your opponents in most instances. Our best TFT Cybernetic builds guide you’ll learn how to itemize, position and set your team up for success.

TFT Cybernetic Synergy Bonus

Cybernetics with an item gain bonus Attack Damage and Health

  • 3 >> 50 Attack Damage and 350 Health.
  • 6 >> 80 Attack Damage and 800 Health.

Best Cybernetic Team Comp

  • Fiora – Enters a defensive stance for 1.5 seconds, becoming immune to damage and enemy spell effects. As she exits this stance, she ripostes, dealing magic damage and stunning a nearby enemy.
  • Leona – Creates a barrier, reducing all incoming damage by a flat amount.
  • Lucian – Dashes away from his current target, then Basic Attacks them and fires a second shot which deals magic damage.
  • Vi – Charges at the furthest enemy, knocking and dealing magic damage to all enemies along the way. When she reaches her target, she deals magic damage and knocks them up.
  • Irelia – Dashes past her target, attacking them for a percentage of her Attack Damage as she passes through. If this kills the target, she casts again immediately at the enemy with the highest mana.
  • Kayle – Ascends, causing her attacks to launch waves that deal bonus magic damage until the end of combat.
  • Ekko – Shatters the timeline, freezing all units in time before attacking each enemy with bonus magic damage and applying on-hit effects.
  • Miss Fortune – Channels and fires waves of bullets in a cone for 2.25 seconds, dealing a percentage of enemies’ maximum health in magic damage over the duration.

Cybernetic Team Build Guide


  • Place minor items on less essential Cybernetic units.
  • Maintain a buoyant economy throughout.
  • Reach 6 Cybernetics with carries properly itemized.

Early Game

Many player’s shortcomings with Cybernetics stem from poor decision making in the early game. Frequently placing themselves into unfavorable situations trying to activate the Cybernetic trait. Distributing random items acquired in the opening rounds on units just to get the bonus, only to later find they require the item on a more efficient unit. You may want to build a Red buff for Lucian only to find Leona bears one of his items or GA on Irelia who’s item components you gave to Fiora. When playing Cybernetics pay extra attention to the items you give out.

Unlocking the trait in the early game is fairly simple as Leona and Fiora cost just one Gold with Lucian and Vi at 2 and 3 Gold respectively.

Mid Game

Unfortunately, due to the last Cybernetic (Ekko) costing five Gold, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to unlock the 6 trait bonus. It’s best to unlock the 3 Blademasters bonuses at this point in the game for added damage. You can utilize Kai’Sa for Valkyrie’s boost until you have 6 Cybernetics. Econ is key at this point as you need the Gold to roll down for the best chance to get Ekko.

Ideal line-up

Leona, Fiora, Irelia, Kayle, Kai’Sa, Lucian/Vi (Depending on items)

End Game

Grab Ekko to unlock the 6 Cybernetics and ensure they are all properly itemized this is the number one priority. Miss Fortune is a no brainer for our 8th unit slot, providing Valkyrie, Blaster, and Mercenary to our team. To protect her from Infiltrators, place Vi on the opposite side of the board so in most scenarios her ability will target the infiltrator unit.

Cybernetic Team Comp Items


  • Infinity Edge
  • Guardian Angel
  • Bloodthirster


  • Red buff
  • Giant Slayer


  • Shojin
  • Guardian Angel
  • Morellos


  • Rageblade
  • Hand of Justice

Remember, while you require items on your Cybernetic units for them to receive the trait’s benefits, make sure you do not sacrifice valuable items for your main carries.


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