Teamfight Tactics Best 4 Cost Champions Set 2

Teamfight Tactics Best 4 Cost Champions Set 2

Best Teamfight Tactics Champions

Since the launch of TFT’s Rise of the Elements, the game has been all about finding the perfect champion to carry your team into victory. With low amounts of AoE crowd control in comparison to Set one and the removal of hard blocking Traits like Hextech, Set 2 enables single units to really shine!

Selecting your carry from the champion pool will be situational and primarily dependent on items, but there are a few champions that stand above the rest and can dominate most games. In our guide below we’ll be covering TFT’s Best 4 Cost Champions from Set 2 that can win your more games.

Best TFT 4 Cost Champions Set 2

Best 4 Cost Unit Janna Tft
Best 4 Cost Unit Janna Tft


  • Traits: Mystic – Cloud
  • Ability: Janna channels winds that heal allies based on their maximum health and stun nearby enemies for 1 second.

Janna is one of the few proper support units that does an extremely good job of protecting the team. When situated with your primary carry her ability will provide excellent CC to keep units away from your carry whilst also healing them. Being both mystic and cloud also makes her a uniquely defensive ranged unit.

Positioning Janna can be tricky, but you’ll either want her just in front of your carries are situated between them on the backline. In regards to items, Janna can be quite versatile. One of the main reasons why Janna is such a valuable 4 cost unit is the impact she provides even without items. Some good item choices, Deathcap, which increases the amount she heals, Redemption, to provide even more healing or something like Seraph’s Embrace to use her ability more often.

Recommended Janna Team Comp 10.1

Desert Blademasters

Best Tft Units Brand
Best TFT Units Brand


  • Traits: Inferno – Mage
  • Ability: Brand launches a bouncing fireball, damaging enemies hit.

Brand is a unit that can be fatal when he’s loaded with the right items because of the chained complexity of his ability. Pairing Brand with other Mages can almost wipe away a whole squad in an instance. For Brand, Items that provide mana like Seraph’s Embrace or extra damage from Luden’s Echo will maximize his abilities efficiency although for me, using Jeweled Gantlet is where it is at. There’s no greater satisfaction in Teamfight Tactics then watching Brand’s ability bounce around popping off crits! Also, as his ability chains to multiple opponents, if some of the other items aren’t available, consider Morellonomicon as an alternative.

Keeping Brand secure is a must, luckily due to his traits, he synergizes with some great units that can either soak damage or act as another carry. Units like Amumu and Annie come to mind. Ocean Mages is also another popular team composition for Brand as it offers good frontline protection, increased mana and Nami’s Wave for support.

Recommended Brand Team Comp 10.1

Ocean Mage

Best 4 Cost Unit Teamfight Tactics Khazix
Best 4 Cost Unit Teamfight Tactics Khazix


Traits: Desert – Assassin
Ability: Kha’Zix goes stealth and attacks the enemy with the lowest health after a short delay. This attack is a critical hit and restores mana.

Kha’Zix strength lay in how quickly he can generate his ability, paired with a Seraph’s Embrace and he’ll be flying around the board at will! Void Assault (Kha’Zix’s ability) always crits so adding an Infinity Edge will create devastating problems for your opponents. Kha’Zix makes the list of best 4 cost champions not just because of his individual strengths but also how nicely he fits into current meta team compositions.

Team compositions like Poison Berserkers, Blademaster Assassins, and Desert Blademasters are very powerful in TFT 10.1 with the former having a 93.4% top 4 win rate according to statistics from Assassins are also expected to see a buff coming into patch 10.2 so Kha’Zix will be more sort after than ever before.

Recommended Kha’Zix Team Comp

Poison Berserkers

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