Best 3 Cost Unit Teamfight Tactics Veigar

Teamfight Tactics Best 3 Cost Champions Set 2

Best Teamfight Tactics Champions

Since the launch of TFT’s Rise of the Elements, the game has been all about finding the perfect champion to carry your team into victory. With low amounts of AoE crowd control in comparison to Set one and the removal of hard blocking Traits like Hextech, Set 2 enables single units to really shine!

Selecting your carry from the champion pool will be situational and primarily dependent on items, but there are a few champions that stand above the rest and can dominate most games. In our guide below we’ll be covering TFT’s Best 3 Cost Champions from Set 2 that can win your more games.


Best Teamfight Tactics 3 Cost Unit Veigar
Best Teamfight Tactics 3 Cost Unit Veigar


  • Trait: Shadow – Mage
  • Ability: Veigar blasts an enemy with magical energy, dealing damage. This spell instantly kills if the enemy is lower star level than Veigar.

Just the same as set 1, if a player can get him to level 2 early on, or even level 3, Veigar carry a team deep into the end game. Stacking Seraph’s Embrace with Mage buff on Veigar can enable him to rapidly double-cast his spell, possibly sending numerous units to an early grave. Subsequently, Veigar is also one of the only units you should aim to become three stars natively.

So long as there is a frontline presence to support him, Veigar could perhaps overpower an opposing team, completely. Veigar’s downfall is the fact you need to 2-star him early for him to have a direct impact on the game.

Recommended Veigar Team Comps 10.1

Ocean Mage

Soraka Best Tft Three Cost Unit
Soraka Best Tft Three Cost Unit


  • Traits: Light – Mystic
  • Ability: Soraka creates a zone at a random enemy’s location, dealing magic damage and preventing mana from being restored to enemies inside.

Soraka isn’t the most dazzling unit but the fact that she is both light and mystic makes her a great three cost unit especially in the current meta! The strength of her ability is often overlooked but can be critical in many scenarios.

Itemizing for Soraka is a little tricky as she does well with strong items that are better suited for main carries – Seraph’s Embrace and Morellonomicon. However, if you’re not prepared to dump core items onto Soraka, items like Luden’s Echo can bolster her damage quite a bit if you have the parts spare.

Recommended Soraka Team Comp 10.1

Lighten Soul

Best 3 Cost Champions Dr Mundo
Best 3 Cost Champions Dr Mundo TFT


  • Traits: Poison – Berserker
  • Ability: Dr Mundo creates a toxic cloud around him that deals damage to nearby enemies and heals for a portion of the damage every second for 8 seconds.

Dr. Mundo isn’t a champion one usually wants to stack full of items but his talent for carrying a team is still very high. It has to do with his ability which triggers a radius of damage, and because of his Poison trait straining enemies mana costs.

His presence alone can be enough to win multiple rounds, making him the perfect choice for a 3 cost unit in the frontline. You can, of course, place items like Morellonomicon or Locket of the Iron Solari to really annoy the enemy team.

Recommended Dr Mundo Team Comp 10.1

Poison Berserkers

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