Teamfight Tactics Best 1 Cost Champions Set 2

Teamfight Tactics Best 1 Cost Champions Set 2

Best Teamfight Tactics Champions

Since the launch of TFT’s Rise of the Elements, the game has been all about finding the perfect champion to carry your team into victory. With low amounts of AoE crowd control in comparison to Set one and the removal of hard blocking Traits like Hextech, Set 2 enables single units to really shine!

Selecting your carry from the champion pool will be situational and primarily dependent on items, but there are a few champions that stand above the rest and can dominate most games. In our guide below we’ll be covering TFT’s Best 1 Cost Champions from Set 2 that can win your more games.


Best Tft Champions Set 2 Vayne
Best TFT Champions Set 2 Vayne


  • Traits: Light – Ranger
  • Ability: Vayne deals bonus true damage every third attack based on the enemy’s maximum health.

Vayne is among the few 1-cost units that can move smoothly through mid- and late-game play. As Light / Ranger, she has a number of potential synergies and is suited to maximize the power of several items such as Runaan’s Hurricane, Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Red Buff.

If Vayne is on the board early, it’s often a sensible idea to pick her up. It is possible, players may want to transition away from Lights or Rangers due to the current rise in popularity in the current meta. Therefore it’s definitely worth scouting throughout the game to make sure building around Vayne is feasible.

Recommended Vayne Team Comp 10.2

Light Soulbound

Vladimir Teamfight Tactics One Cost Unit
Vladimir Teamfight Tactics One Cost Unit


  • Traits: Ocean – Mage
  • Ability: Vladimir damages a target enemy, healing himself for the damage dealt.

Vladimir represents another 1-cost that’s capable of transitioning into later parts of the game and continues to remain effective with suitable items. Moreover, there’s a fluidity about how a player can build Vladimir. He might, on the one hand, be a frontline unit with Warmog’s as well as another bulky item or two, on the other hand, he could equally use his range and stay behind tanky units and deal more damage.

Just like Syndra, Vladimir’s Two Traits allows for a very strong early game relatively easy. Players can pick up Ocean and Mage traits with just Syndra, Vladimir and Taliyah/Leblanc. Setting you up to transition to meta comps like Ocean mage or Ocean Wardens.

Recommended Vladimir Team Comp 10.2

Ocean Mage

Best One Cost Unit Tft Nasus
Best One Cost Unit TFT Nasus


  • Traits: Warden – Light
  • Ability: Nasus temporarily enrages, gaining bonus health and damaging adjacent enemies each second for the duration.

When looking for a solid frontline unit that can stay alive for extended fights then Nasus if your champion. Costing only one gold for a solid tank is a no brainer. Stacking defensive items fit into his kit perfectly like Warmog’s Armor.

Nasus’s traits currently place him in high contention due to the high performing Light Soulbound team composition. However, whether you plan to go Lights or not, a two-star Nasus can assist you through the early game with little to no cost to your health and econ.

Recommended Nasus Team Comps 10.2

Light Soulbound

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