Riot To Remove Confusing Character Card Art Tft Galaxies

Riot To Remove Confusing Character Card Art [TFT: Galaxies]

No more hideous Character models used for card art as Riot are set to divert back to using champion splash art.

The UX lead for TFT Jeff Zhang wrote in a recent announcement made late Wednesday evening that they will be going back to using champion splash arts for champion cards going forward. The move is set to hit the public beta environment in the next week or so.

The outcry from fans made Riot backtrack and make the decision to change. Fans have said the hideous card models look terrible in gameplay. Few reports have unexpectedly brought up the fact that it was difficult to identify between champions even with the models, which is why Riot first began using the models, to begin with.

TFT Set 3 Galaxies is not the first time character models were used as card arts, in the mobile version of the game the art was modified to show models of the set 2 champions. Which coincidently received unpleasant comments also.

Tft Set 3 Galaxies Model Art
TFT Set 3 Galaxies Model Art

Riot’s position on the use of the models was due to new players being unable to identify some splash arts related to the champions used. They said it would be better for new players to identify champions from their in-game style instead.

Riot furthermore said the model of units helped them to be more creative when it came to designing champions to fit into certain roles. Zhang on Reddit claimed that some champions did not have skins that matched their class or trait and that the use of models allowed greater flexibility.

While the TFT community can grasp Riots’ point of view, the direct impact the decision had on the entire game was not worth the trade-offs. It’s better to enjoy a clear and beautiful looking game that’s identifiable to League of Legends fans, rather than hideous model arts that only appeal to players new to LoL.

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  • amadeu
    20th April 2020

    Thank you. The character models looked fucking ugly I wanted to puke eveyrtiem. Shit was actually fucking disgusting you stupid dogs. But thanks for changing it

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