Rapidfire Tips How To Remove Items Without Selling Champion

Rapidfire Tips: How To Remove Items Without Selling A Champion

Usually, removing items off a unit traditionally requires you to dispose of the champion that currently occupies the item needed. There is, however, a few scenarios in which you do not need to sell a unit to retrieve an item.

Using unique interactions with the elemental hexes introduced in TFT Set 2, players can successfully remove items from units at specific stages, namely two starring a unit or three starring. So exactly how do you remove items from a champion in TFT?

How To Remove Items From A Champion Without Selling TFT

2 Star Units with 2 items

When a champion unit has an item that’s not desired, whether by mistake or not, there’s a 50% chance you can remove it. I’ll explain why there’s only a 50% chance after reviewing the steps needed.


  • A unit that’s holding two items.
  • The unit is about to become 2 stars.


  • Place the unit holding items onto your bench.
  • Move the unit not holding items onto an elemental hex.
  • Now purchase the unit from the shop to make the champion 2 stars.
Remove Items From Units Tft
Remove Items From Units Tft
Remove Items From Champions Tft
Remove Items From Champions Tft

By performing these steps, one of the two items will be expelled from the unit at random, giving us a 50% chance the correct one will be removed.

The same can be achieved with three items however; this will give a 1 in 3 chance to remove the undesirable item.

Three Star Unit With Three Items

Doing the exact same steps above except this time with a unit that’s about to become a 3 star, will interestingly remove two items from the unit. This provides us the best chance of removing an undesirable item later into the game. Just remember, the champion with items has to go on your bench and the unit with no items onto an elemental hex.

Thief’s Gloves

Removing Thief’s Gloves is very simple and follows the same principles as above. This time however you’ll place a unit that currently holds Sparring Gloves onto an elemental hex. Then place another Sparring Gloves onto the champion and watch the item bounce right off!

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