Tft Chrono Rework Updated

Latest Update to the New Chrono Rework Is A Major Blow for Chrono Adopters

Following up with the current status of the Chrono rework, Riot Games felt the trait needed to be scaled back. The Chrono rework now has seen an increase of Attack Speed but it also receives an increase of duration all across the board.

What appeared to an huge buff for the Chrono trait has now turn into a major nerf slight buff.

Update:- Chrono will gain 20% Attack Speed at first tick when the round begins.

TFT Chrono Reworrk Update 2
TFT Chrono Reworrk Update 2

Since the last update, the Attack Speed has increased from 15% to 20%. However, the first milestone has been increased from 6 seconds to 8 seconds, with the second active bonus going from 2 seconds to 5 seconds. Finally, the last milestone, the duration has now been extended to 3 seconds up from 1 second.

Due to new information by Riot Mort, units will receive the Chrono trait bonus on the first tick, so you will gain 20% every 8 seconds + 20% at start of the round when the first bracket has been activated..

For the first milestone it actually weaker than before, but once you get 4 or 6 units, majority of the time this will be stronger in comparison to the pre-rework Chrono changes in early stages of the round due to the initial tick of +20%.

As time goes on, it will eventually fall off but that is that trade off having the initial burst of speed which i believe will be more beneficial in the long run. Especially, against explosive team comps like Star Guardian where they can end the round in less than 10 seconds.

Straight away you can see that the new changes has hit the Chrono trait hard. The initial reworked, relied on the lower duration to make the Chrono trait stronger than its previous iteration.

Comparing the active bonus when you have four chrono units on the board to the pre-rework changes, where units gain 35% attack speed increase every four seconds, your units will now only receive a 20% increase and that at 5 second intervals.

Having 6 units, puts it almost on par of the pre-work changes, but many may feel this may not worth it and go for other better comps.

This is a major set back from users who adopt the Chrono Trait but as it currently on PBE, Riot Games maybe trying out different values. Many times, tweaks and adjustments have been reverted and we are hopeful this will be one of those cases.

We expect this will be not the last time you will see changes with this Chrono rework before it goes live.

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