Tft Guide How To Play Teamfight Tactics On Mobile Devices

Android and iOS TFT Guide – How to play Teamfight Tactics on Mobile Devices

Play Teamfight Tactics right now on your mobile.

An official iOS and Android Teamfight Tactics app is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2020. The impending mobile version has its own discrete software, which means that regular League of Legends is not part of the package, but will incorporate cross-play with TFT desktop. According to the announcement video below, A lucky few can participate in the beta version planned this December. Until then, here’s how to play Teamfight Tactics on Android or iOS.

How to Play TFT on Mobile? – Teamfight Tactics Mobile Guide

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to use Steam Link to play Teamfight Tactics on your phone or tablet. Also, feasible options are Chrome Remote Desktop (also available on Apple devices) and Moonlight Game Streaming (requiring an Nvidia graphic card). We’ll just be covering the Steam Link option as it works perfectly.

TFT with Steam Link

You need to use Steam to stream the game to a tablet or phone using the following process. First of all, you need a device that can use the Steam Link app. Download it to your chosen phone and download League of Legends on your PC. Most modern iOS devices can also download Steam Link.

  • First, you’ll discover that Teamfight Tactics isn’t really a Steam game — both it and League of Legends operate in their own client. You’ll have to connect TFT to your Steam library manually. Head to the Steam client and press the “Connect A GAME” button located in the bottom left.
  • Add League of Legends into your Steam Library as a non-Steam game

If you can’t find League of Legends in the Program list, click Browse… and select LeagueClient.exe at the following path: Your Drive > Riot Games > League of Legends

  • Launch League of Legends from the Steam Library. Create a desktop shortcut for quick access if you prefer.
  • Install Steam Link on your Android or iOS device.

Download links: App Store Google Play

  • Connect your phone/tablet to Steam app on your PC.

Steam Link will ask you to input a verification code, select your controller (you can use your touch screen or an external controller), and finally, it will run a network speed test.

  • On your PC, click on the Teamfight Tactics client, and it will appear full-screen on your mobile device.

How to control TFT on Mobile?

Actually, playing TFT on your mobile device is very similar to playing on the pc. Clicking your mouse to maneuver your Little Legends equally works on mobile by tapping or dragging your finger across your screen. Moving units to and from the boards should also prove to be a native experience for mobile users and is just as intuitive as expected.

You may want to configure your input control further so you can optimize commands like left and right-click.

At the top of your mobile device screen, you will notice two icons. One top left of the screen and the other top right. Click these to configure your setting to something that you’ll easily remember.

Left-click will be your primary key for buying/selling champions and for moving units to and from the board. You’ll want to have this set to the easiest input control like a 1-finger tap. Right-click is equally as important as you will need to use this command to move your Little Legends around for the Carousel stages and item pick-ups.

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