Galaxies Player Damage Melee Champions And More

Gameplay Changes in TFT: Galaxies – Player damage, Melee Champions and more

TFT Set 3 has been officially revealed on the PBE (League of Legends test server) for players to have an early playtest of Set 3 Galaxies. There are many new features in TFT: Galaxies including all-new carousels, minions, items, and of course champions giving the auto-batterer a near-complete overhaul. There are many more tweaks that have occurred behind the scenes that are not so obvious like the changes to melee champions, which means they’ll now move slightly before ranged units.

As you can imagine, there’s a huge bundle of unique changes made for TFT: Galaxies. We’ll attempt to highlight them all below so that you can get a broader understanding of all the gameplay changes in TFT: Galaxies.

TFT: Galaxies Set 3 Gameplay Changes

New Tft Galaxies Carousel
New TFT Galaxies Carousel

Carousel and Items

Right away players will instantly notice the first profound change to Teamfight Tactics – The Carousel which has been extensively overhauled to match the space theme of Set 3. Interestingly enough this is not the only change that’s related to the carousel. The items that show up and when have also been reworked.

  • The spatula will make a return, however, much less often then we sore the last time in Set 2.
  • Full items can appear in the carousel earlier than the usual fifth carousel.
  • Components can show up in the sixth carousel and beyond. (Leftover items are a thing of the past … Hopefully)
  • Many new items have been added to Set 3
  • Random Carousel item arrangements. (All champions hold the same item etc)

Gold Income

A change that I believe the majority of players will be happy about is the changes to gold. It will now be a lot harder to gain a strong econ early and the opening rounds will provide very little gold. Now players will have to think and prioritize what units they want early as you’ll no longer be able to completely acquire the entire store.

We’ve updated our TFT Set 3 Galaxies Gold and EXP guide if you would like more information regarding the new gold/streaking income changes.

Medium Loot Boxes that contain gold/champions can’t drop in rounds 1/2 or 1/3. In addition, to keep the shop always affordable Riot has made changes to the type of units that can show up. For example, at level three you can no longer drop three cost units to ensure you can afford any of the available units.

Player Damage Per Stage

Cleary a huge focus for Riot, the damage players receive at the end of each round has been changed drastically. Prior to Set 3 Galaxies, the player damage was based on the cost of the unit calculated with the star of the unit to determine how much damage each unit would dish to the player. In Set 3 it’s far simpler and stripped back. Every unit that’s alive at the end of the round, deals one damage.

There is still the default stage damage that each player will take on top of the unit damage which is as follows:

  • Stage 1 = 0
  • Stage 2 = 3
  • Stage 3= 4
  • Stage 4 = 6
  • Stage 5 = 10
  • Stage 6 = 14
  • Stage 7+ = 20

The developers believe the pace of the game should remain about the same but will continue to test and make any adjustments if needed.

TFT Set 3 Melee and Pathfinding

One of the most interesting behind the scene changes to the TFT gameplay is undoubtedly the melee tweaks. They will now more slightly earlier at the start of the combat than ranged champions. This change isn’t a buff to melee champions but more so a fix for ranged champions. I’m certain many of you have experience at the start of combat your ranged units randomly moving closer to the enemy team, this change will hopefully address this issue by allowing ranged units to more accurately detect melee champions first.

To improve on the smoothness of the game, Riot has also made tweaks to the way all champions move between hexes. Expectantly, this will achieve a more natural movement from champions as opposed to the frequent stutter-stepping. To also aid with fluent movement of champions, drastic tweaks have been made to unit targeting. If a champion is in the attack range of their target and the target moves out of range, the attacker will only chase for 1 hex before switching to a different enemy.

Champion mana and damage Changes

Scaling Ap Teamfight Tactics
Scaling AP Teamfight Tactics

Due to Teamfight Tactics Set switching out all champions in one way or another, there are not many direct changes to champions global, however, in an attempt to make cheaper cost units stronger, Mana gain per attack is now fixed at 10 across all units. In addition, all champions’ abilities will now possess some form of AP Scaling which can increase the effectiveness of damage, heals and shields.

Things do get a little complicated now but with super cool benefits. Due to the AP scaling on all changes items like Deathcap can create fantastic scenarios. An example of this, placing a Deathcap on a one-star Yasuo will increase the number of slashes he does from four to six.

TFT Set 3 New Items

Just like the transition from Set 1 to Set 2, nearly all items have been either replaced or had their numbers tweaked. One of Riot’s key areas of focus has been to remove all hard counters from the game. Items sometimes tread the fine line between soft counters and hard counters and so the developers are constantly adjusting the numbers to keep them on the right side. Use our updated Item Builder to learn all the new TFT: Galaxies Items.

Here’s a list of the major changes to items in set 3 including every new item.

  • Chalice of Favor – When the wearer casts a spell, restores 10 mana to allies within 2 hexes.
  • Shroud of Stillness – When combat begins, shoots a beam straight ahead that delays affected enemies’ first spell cast, increasing their max Mana by 40% until they cast.
  • Zz’Rot Portal – When the wearer dies, a Construct with 1000/2000/3000 * Health arises to continue the fight (The Construct will taunt on spawn.)
  • Grievous Wounds – Changed from 80% to 50% healing reduction. Affected item – Morellonomicon and Red Buff
  • Disarm no longer prevents spell casts. Only auto attacks. Affected item – Sword Breaker

Remember to head on over to our updated TFT Set 3 Item Builder to learn about all of the item changes.

TFT: Galaxies is currently only available on the PBE, an environment made for testing bugs, glitches and finding all things under or overpowered. You can expect many changes to occur before Set 3 reaches live, as such, some of the gameplay changes mentioned above may change.

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