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Galaxies Mechanics Available in TFT Next Update Including Changes to Dark Star and Mana Reaver Traits

Teamfight Tactics Set 3 Galaxies went live last week that provided its player base with brand-new changes and experience with the auto chess game. Players quickly discovered all the new traits, units, Little Legends and new Item recipes the new set has catered for them. Even glimpsing TFT new galaxy-themed map arenas and Galaxies Passes along with the exclusive rewards including the newly introduced cosmetics called Booms.

Patch 10.7 is set to include the missing Galaxies Mechanics and changes to Dark Star and Mana-Reaver Traits.

One of the major features from TFT Set 3 Galaxies are the galaxies themselves. At the start of every TFT game, there is a small chance a unique galaxy is selected, a unique mechanic that changes the rule-set from your tradition TFT game. An example of this is Neekoverse, a galaxy where all players at the start receive two Neeko’s help items, a rare item that clones one of your units. This presents many strategic opportunities whilst keeping the game fun and exciting.

Unfortunately, the galaxy mechanics weren’t ready in time for when it went live last week. Riot Mort, the lead designer of Teamfight Tactics offered some insight into the situation.

“We put two Galaxies on PBE (Neekoverse and Purple Haze) as a trial run to see the impact they’d have and, more importantly, if they were fun. Overall, they’ve been doing well- they seem to be leading to higher variance in games, more interesting decisions to make, and some crazy (often hilarious) outcomes. We’ve also seen that some of you are pretty disappointed to play on a normal game, which is a good sign that you want the variant experiences that Galaxies provide.”

Riot Mort concluded that the Galaxies mechanic would arrive in Patch 10.7. This gives the team to make tweaks and balance changes on the new traits and units first before introducing the Galaxies. In addition, whilst they make a decision on how likely players will receive the Galaxies mechanics, the team will be working hard to try and get at least 5 different Galaxies out in time for patch 10.7.

We will provide a guide of all available galaxies once they become official, so far the Galaxies being tested on PBE there are:-

  • Neekoverse – Every player starts with two Neeko’s helps.
  • Lila Nebula – (Previously called Purple Haze – The first carousel contains only 4 cost units.
  • Trade Sector – The first reroll is free in every round
  • Superdense Galaxy – Players receive a free Force of Nature on reaching level 5
  • Not So Little Legends – Players starting health is set to 125 instead of 100, plus the Little Legends have increased in size.

In addition, the Dark Star traits and the Mana-Reaver traits are set to receive some fundamental changes.

Dark Star Trait Changes

Currently in TFT Set 3 galaxies, when a Dark Star unit dies, they pass the previous stacks of this effect plus increased damage to the nearest ally Dark Star unit. Acquiring three units, it will pass on 50% increase damage which is increased to 80% when having all 6 Dark Star Units.

As you may have already guessed, this becomes an immensely powerful team composition late gate, where Jhin can record damage in the tens of thousands due to the damages and stats being transferred over. However, the passing of the stats to the nearest Dark Star unit felt uncontrollable as players are unsure if the stats will go to their back line Shaco or Karma.

Riot Games is going to tackle this imbalance by changing the Dark Star trait so the damage passed will be a flat set amount of damage to all Dark Star units.

When a Dark Star Champion dies, all other allied Dark Star Champions gain Attack Damage and Spell Power.

  • 3 Champions: +25 Attack Damage and Spell Power
  • 6 Champions: +40 Attack Damage and Spell Power
Dark Star 10.7 Changes
Dark Star 10.7 Changes

We did see on PBE that the Dark Star trait flat damages being increased, however, it was quickly reverted back to the stats shown above.

Mana-Reaver Trait Changes

The mana-reaver trait is probably one of the most unpopular traits. One particular reason for this is the units required are on the rarer side to obtain. Mana-Reaver consist of Darius (2 cost), Kassadin (3 cost), Irelia (4 cost) and Thresh (5 Cost). Although, Darius and Kassadin can be obtained relatively easily, However, Irelia and Thresh are not, and to benefit from the trait at all you really need all four units. Making it an undesirable trait to go for.

Having two units, will active the Mana-Reaver trait where Mana-Reaver units first attack will increase the target next spell cast by 40%. All four traits will apply the effect with all attacks.

To address this problem, Riot will be removing the 4 unit requirement and providing the benefit of having all four Mana-Reaver units to two. A much-need buff.

Mana Reaver 10.7 Changes
Mana Reaver 10.7 Changes

However, with all the changes and buffs, it will still has one major problem it faces that still persists in the old version, Ezreal. This champion skills provides the same effect but in AOE form and takes up one unit placement. I sense another rework will be made in the near future.

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