Five Tips To Win More Teamfight Tactics Games

Five Tips To Win More Teamfight Tactics Games

Beginner Friendly Tips to Help You Improve At TFT

Teamfight Tactics represent a fast and fun auto-battler where you’re not required to expend a lot of time playing a match. In an all-out battle that needs both wits and strategic thinking to come out on top, Teamfight Tactics pits seven rivals against one another. The unpredictable nature of the champion pool for each game allows for some nail-bitingly tense games, particularly during the mid-to-late game where some team comps begin to pump up the damage.

Teamfight Tactics can prove to be challenging even for the most accomplished player in the League of Legends, but if you put in the work, you’ll win numerous games in no time. To help you get to grips with this modern turn-based world, we’ve put together a helpful guide that gives you five tips and tricks you need to capture those all-important wins while playing Teamfight Tactics.

1 – Always Use Your Items

Allowing all of your item components to sit on the sidelines until you find your perfect unit is a sure-fire way to blow the game. It’s easy to undervalue the drastic impact placing items early game can have on your chances of grabbing a top-four finish. It could save you so much HP early on that it will provide more room to breathe later – this can often be the difference between getting 4th and finishing 1st.

But I want items on my carry.

You should consistently make an item instantly when it’s an item that you think is core for your team comp. Look for early game units that can fulfill a similar role to your chosen carry, and place core items onto them. An example would be Zyra – Brand. Build your core items early and use Zyra to hold the items improving the strength of your early game team. Once you’re ready to slot in your carry (Brand), sell Zyra and place the items onto Brand.

2 – Learn to manage your gold efficiently

With just a fundamental understanding of when to save your gold and when to spend can literally be the difference between 1st and last place. Learning how to econ will be the quickest way to climb the ranked ladder and out of the low elos. Everything adds up, leaving units on your bench that are not core to your team is wasted gold, excessive rolling is wasted gold. I could go on, but I’m confident you get the point, almost every action you take in Teamfight Tactics affects your econ one way or another.

Some critical things to note when trying to manage your economy.

  • Per 10 gold you’ll earn one additional gold each round up to a cap of 5.
  • Win/Lose Streaks will earn you additional gold.
  • Making units 2 stars sell at a loss if the unit costs 2 gold or more.
  • Winning a round will earn you one extra gold – Manipulate this to your advantage. If you’re sitting on 29 Gold and have a one cost unit on the bench you’re unsure if you need, wait until the end of the round. If you win, keep the unit, if you lose, briskly sell the unit to reach 30 gold milestone.

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3 – Stop Rolling Unnecessarily

A common mistake seen far too often, never roll without a reason. Early game unless adopting a Hyper-roll strategy you never want to waste gold rolling. Not only does this directly affect your gold economy, but it will grant you little to no value. In low-elo managing econ alone can be the difference between winning and losing games.

For a good rule to follow, never roll before Krugs, after this point you can roll for units every time you level just be mindful of your own economy. (Earning an additional 1 gold per 10 gold you save up, up to 5 gold of interest).

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4 – Think about Positioning

Everything is going wonderfully, you have great econ and you possess optimal items already built, easy win right? Wrong. It’s incredibly important to not only scout your opponents but to identify your team’s biggest threats. Clumping your units into a corner when you’re facing Berserker comps or teams with high AoE will do your team no favors.

Think about splitting up your units, while keeping your carries safe from instantaneous death. Try not thinking only of obvious placements, sticking a ranged carry into the far bottom corners may seem like the obvious position to keep them safe. However, verses Assassins who can jump directly to the furthest point of the board, this position only sends your carry to an early grave.

5 – Don’t Aim For Multiple Three Star Units

I get it; you want your entire team to be badasses and to be at max capabilities. In reality, aiming for multiple three-star units at once is an unwise investment and directly effects your econ. You’ll also lose precious bench space and can slow down the team transition into the late game. This tip naturally doesn’t apply if you’re adopting a Hyper-Roll strategy.

There’s also an argument to be made to never attempt to go for any three-star units at all due to the investment that need. Here are a few examples of when you could aim for a three-star unit.

  • The three-star unit is your only carry (Veigar – Sivir)
  • You’re miles ahead of your opponents
  • Isn’t affecting your economy ( high econ management)
  • Hyperrolling

I hope you find these top Five Tips To Win More Teamfight Tactics Games helpful. If you did please share this guide with your friends. Any questions, please drop a comment below.

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