TFT 10.8 Top Builds

Climb the Ranks with These Top TFT Builds in Patch 10.8

TFT patch 10.8 introduces some significant changes to units and traits that will create some minor adjustments to some of the top team composition builds in Teamfight Tactics. This includes building a team around the newly added unit, Xerath.

This will mark the first time LoL Champion Xerath has joined TFT. He will provide more options for Dark Star and Sorcerer compositions.

10.8 – Star Guardian

  • 6 Star Guardians
  • 6 Sorcerer

Arguably still on of the best team comp in Set 3 but this time it includes new champion Xerath to make the team composition better than ever.

To fully complete the build you will need the Star Guardian trait item.

Early Game

Similar start to our 10.7 Star Guardian Sorcerer team comp, you will need to pick up Poppy, Zoe and Ahri for the early Sorcerer and Star Guardian bonuses. You will also need to try and pick up Needlessly Large Rods, Tear of the Goddess, Sparring Gloves, Chain Vest and a B.F. Sword from carousel. It is also essential to look out for Spatula’s or the Star Guardian trait item as you will need to turn one of your units into a Star Guardian.

Pick up any defensive unit, Vanguard would be ideal to synergize with Poppy and to hold Bramble Vest and Guardian Angel to put on Neeko when you have her. Or you can put them on Poppy as you will be swapping her out during the late game.

Mid Game

Again, being at level 7 will be the most opportune time to 3 star your Syndra. You would want to place Seraph’s, Jeweled Gauntlet and a Death Cap item on her.

If you have been getting more Tear of the Goddess items, you can make another Seraph Embrace as a replacement for the Jeweled Gauntlet.

You would also need to focus on 3 starring Neeko as she will be your only defensive unit.

End Game

This is where you will noticed the differences compare to the previous Star Guardian Sorcerer build from 10.7.

You will need to be at least level 8, and you need to replace Poppy with the new legendary unit Xerath, however, you’ll need a Star Guardian item to turn Vel’Koz into a Star Guardian to keep the 6 unit Star Guardian bonus trait. If you do not have a Spatula or Star Guardian item but your econ is good, roll to level 9 and keep Poppy in your team.

Having all your units, you have a more powerful version of Star Guardian Sorcerer due to unlocking the 6 unit bonus trait for Sorcerer making your spells deal even more damage.

If you are lucky enough to turn Vel’Koz into a Star Guardian you can either try getting more unit to third tier or level up to 9 and place Karma as your 9th unit, to active the Dark Star and Mystic traits.

Syndra is your carry so place Karma next to your Syndra for protection.

10.8 – Dark Stars

  • 6 Dark Stars
  • 2 Sorcerers
  • 2 Celestials
  • 2 Snipers
  • 2 Mystics

Like Star Guardian Sorcerer, Dark Stars is another popular team comp that also benefits by having new unit Xerath. Having Xerath in your team allows you unlock extra damage for your Dark Star units by gaining the Sorcerer trait.

Early Game

This team comp is fairly straight forward, your main objectives is to pick up Dark Star Units.

With Jarvan IV and Mordekaiser the only Dark Star units you can grab early on, you will need a strong temp comp for the early rounds and to econ quickly.

Pick defensive champions like Poppy or Leona to synergise with Mordekaiser for the Vanguard trait. You can then put your defensive items like Guardian’s Angel to hold on to, ready for your carries.

If you get offensive items, try going for an Cybernetic trait. You will need at least 5 B.F. Swords so grab them from the carousel when you can.

Mid Game

Most of your units are 3 cost units, so the optimum level to pick up 3 cost units is level 7. Econ your gold and level to 7 quickly and start to pick out other Dark Units and Ashe.

From here, Shaco is going to be your main source of damage until you grab Jhin, so start placing items on him.

If you find you have items to create AP or Mana items like Seraph’s, Jeweled Guantlet, etc. instead of Shaco being one of your carries, Lux will be promoted and be your alternative carry.

Remember you want to place items on Dark Star units as their damage is increased when a Dark Star unit dies so refrain putting items on Ashe.

End Game

Hopefully you have been getting your win streak up and stashing your gold ready to level up to 8 thanks to Jhin and Ashe sniper trait. Here you want to pick up Xerath and Lulu to complete your build.

Xerath is top priority in order to active the 6 unit Dark Star trait so you may need to level to 9 to increase your chances of grabbing 5 cost units.

If you manage to go all the way to level 9 you can grab another Infiltrator to boost Shaco, or you can swap Lulu out and grab two more Sorcerer for extra damage.

10.8 – Mech Infiltrator

  • 3 – Mech-Pilots
  • 3 – Void
  • 4 – Infiltrators
  • 2 – Sorcerers

Although they have receive a nerf, they still remain quite powerful. Plus, the units are not as nearly contested as other team comps, leaving you to star your units easier and grabbing the top spots.

One of the most popular Mech Infiltrator builds is to make Kai’Sa one of your carry equipped with a Demolitionist trai itemt, however, this will rely on grabbing a spatula or Demolitoinist trait item and having Ekko instead of Kha’Zix.

Therefore, opted for the Void trait so you can deal True damage and counter the popular Vanguard trait and the highly contested Bramble Vest item.

Early Game

Pick up the early Infiltrator units Kha’Zix and Kai’Sa. However, you need to pick up some defensive traits like Vanguards or Protectors as Infiltrators are squishy until they can burst targets down quickly.

Quick Silver and Bramble Vest items are essential for your Super Mech to sustain damage and ignore CC effects. You can give these items to your Vanguard/Protector units until you active the Super Mech.

Super Mech are a late game comp so you need to save your gold wisely.

Mid Game

At mid point of the game you want to try and quickly grab yourself a Fizz, you may need to level up to increase your chances, Level 9 is your best chance for 4 cost units, however i would try and stay at level 7 a so you can get your Rumble to tier 3 whilst take a chance of obtaining Fizz.

With the items on Rumble, and the Super Mech active you should be able to econ comfortably so you are ready to level and grab your final units.

Look out for Needlessly Large Rods and Tear of The Goddess in the carousel ready to place them on Vel’Koz.

End Game

Level up to 8 and pick up the Cho’Gath and Vel’Koz so your Void units can deal true damage and punch through Bramble Vest and Vanguards/Protector units.

This will leave your Super Mech should be able to sustain damage whilst your Infiltrators pick off squishy units.

10.8 – Brawler Blasters

  • 4 – Brawlers
  • 4 – Blasters
  • 1 – Mercenary
  • 2 – Chrono

Another late game comp and with the right items can decimate your opponents in a blink of an eye.

Early Game

Picking up Malphite and Blitzcrank early you will already active the Brawler trait to form your front line along with Lucian who will be your main source of damage.

If you see Graves and Darius, pick them up to grab yourself some early gold as you going to need it. Graves will also activate the early Blasters so he can be swapped out for a Miss Fortune later on. Rebels traits will also be beneficial early on.

The best items for Blasters is the Red Buff as Blaster additional shots also trigger on-hit effects. If you grab this early, you can place it on Graves for safe keeping.

Mid Game

Next focus on grabbing Ezreal to active the Chrono trait, or any temporary Chrono unit and start swapping your Rebels/Darius & Graves units for Vi, Cho’Gath and Jinx. If you have a spare Graves, sell your Graves with the Items and place them on Jinx. Next, place your spare Graves to activate the full Blasters traits.

If you have Mana related items, save them for you Miss Fortune. Items that make a Morellonomicon or defensive items can be place on your Cho’Gath to allow him to soak up damage and reduce healing.

End Game

Now you want to focus on getting your Jinx to tier 3 and swapping out your Graves for Miss Fortune and watch bullets fly. Adding mana related items such as Seraph’s Embrace and Hand of Justice will allow Miss Fortune to get her AOE skill off earlier.

10.8 – Celestial Pirates

  • 4 – Space Pirates
  • 4 – Celestials
  • 2 – Protector
  • 2 – Mana-Reaver
  • 1 – Mercenary

Although not as strong as the other comps, it is one of the most exciting team comps that can easily grab the one of the top four spots. Especially due to the recent buff that gives you 20% to collect items for activating the full Space Pirate trait.

Make sure you keep clearing your items bench!

Early Game

You can pick up four of the require units, Graves, Darius, Xin Zhao and Rakan early on, to activate Space Pirates, Celestial and Protect traits. However, you need to try and grab Needlessly Large Rods from the Carousel so your Space Pirate units can get the final blow to obtain additional gold.

Getting a Death Cap early or a Jeweled Gauntlet and giving it to Darius is a must to take advantage of this team comp. Defensive Items will go on Xin Zhao, making it almost impossible to kill him once he reaches his 3rd tier.

Mid Game

With you Space Pirate adding to your economy, you can spend time around level 5 to get a 3 star Darius and Xin Zhao. Leveling to 7 to pick up Kassadin to unlock the Mana-Reaver trait along with Jayce for more Pirate smashing.

It may seem odd but giving Darius a Chalice of Favor boost surrounding units as this will proc on every dunk. Granting allies within 2 hexes 10 mana every time and allow them to get their skills off earlier. Place your units strategically around him for best results.

End Game

With your gold income boost from your Pirates you should be able to level up quickly to at least level 8, trying to grab Gangplank as soon as possible. This is where the fun begins.

With the Dunk Master at work and with 20% chance to receive an item, you will start to see items fly around the TFT board.

On many occasions, if you have received Gangplank early enough you can get as much as 30+ items easily.

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