TFT Chrono Rework

Chrono Trait Receives Dramatic Rework

Adding to the recently unveiled new Odyssey Arenas, Riot Games have completely reshaped how Chrono will work in TFT Set 3 Galaxies.

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Currently in the live version of Teamfight Tactics, all Chrono units gain attack speed every 4 seconds. The amount of attack speed is increase for every milestone reached, therefore, having two units on the TFT board will increase your attack speed by 15%, four by 35% and six units will give 75% attack speed increase.

As you can see, the attack speed is the dynamic variable that is increased whilst the duration of 4 seconds remain static.

However, the new Chrono Rework, Riot Games have swap the dynamic variable around so that the duration is the variable that dynamically changes and the attack speed variable become a static variable.

TFT Chrono Trait Rework Lol
TFT Chrono Trait Rework Lol

All allies will now only receive a 15% attack speed gain throughout each milestone reached. However, the duration of receiving the speed boost is dramatically reduce the more Chrono units you have on the board.

How does this compare to the old Chrono trait?

Activating the first milestone, units will receive 15% attack speed but it is over 6 seconds. Compared to previous version of 4 seconds, early adoption of the Chrono trait has received a nerf.

Having 4 units on the board, units will receive a 15% attack speed boost every 2 seconds compare to 35% every 4 seconds.. Working out the calculations between the old and new stats, you end up having less attack speed with new changes, therefore, another nerf.

Using 0.7 as your starting Attack speed

Old Version: 0.7+(0.7*35%) = 0.945 Attack Speed at 4 seconds
New Version: 0.7+(0.7*15%) = 0.805 at 2 seconds plus 0.805+(0.805*15%) = 0.92575 Attack Speed at 4 seconds

Activating the final milestone of the Chrono trait will see all allies receive a 15% Attack Speed boost every second. Previous version was 75% increased attack speed every 4 seconds. Again, this works out you end up having less Attack Speed than previously but only ever so slightly.

Same as before, using 0.7 as your starting Attack speed

Old Version: 0.7+(0.7*75%) = 1.225 Attack Speed at 4 seconds
New Version:
0.7+(0.7*15%) = 0.805 at 1 seconds
0.805+(0.805*15%) = 0.92575 at 2 seconds
0.92575+(092575*15%) = 1.064613 at 3 seconds
1.064613+(1.064613*15*) = 1.224304 at 4 seconds

After all the calculations, you would naturally believe the new Chrono rework is worse than before, however, you would be wrong. Due to you receiving your attack speed buff earlier at 2/1 seconds intervals when you have 4/6 Chrono units respectively, you actually execute more auto attacks, resulting you dealing more damage and filling your mana up faster.

Having 0.7 attack speed, your unit will perform an attack every 1.24 seconds. After 4 seconds this will equate to 4.969 seconds until you perform your 4th attack.

However, with the new changes, if you manage to get 6 Chrono units, your attack speed is updated every second. At 2 seconds you start to perform an attack every 1.08 second, at 3 seconds 0.94 per second and at 4 seconds 0.82 per second (Numbers have been rounded up), totaling at 4.08 second until you will perform your 4th attack.

One item that could take advantage of this is the Guinsoo’s Rageblade, as it will add 5% increase attack speed per auto attack. As you perform more attacks the Guinsoo’s stacks can be stacked up faster with the new Chrono trait changes.

This slight advantage could make all the difference of you winning the fight by that one auto attack.

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