A Closer Look At Tft Galaxies

A Closer Look At TFT: Galaxies Set 3

Riot has released the first look at a more flesh-out version of Teamfight Tactics ‘ set 3, TFT: Galaxies ahead of its release in March, so here’s everything you can expect in TFT: Galaxies including champion & traits cheat sheet, Skills, Items and more.

Rise of the Elements will be on its way out in the following weeks, with Galaxies expected to take over Teamfight Tactics in mid-March, nearly a year after its debut. The new set carries TFT into space, adding Star Guardians and other spacelike champions. Embracing everything thematic, each game will be played in different Galaxies promising to alter the way each game is played. Let’s take a comprehensive look at everything that we can expect to see in Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies.

TFT: Galaxies Champions & Traits Cheat Sheet

Tft Galaxies Champions And Traits Cheat Sheet Set 3
TFT Galaxies Champions And Traits Cheat Sheet Set 3

You can see all the expected TFT: Galaxies Champions and Traits here

TFT: Galaxies Focus Fire

Even though Riot remains happy with the result of Rise of the Elements fight variance, they admit there’s still room for improvement. Units like Azir and Taliyah came to mind as an area to improve the randomness of the spells from champions. While RotE already delivers units like Yasuo that target units with the most items and Ezreal that will focus enemies with the lowest health, In Set 3 we can expect to see a lot less random targeting. Riots teased an example of this stating the following “one new spell is always aimed at the enemy with the most attack speed.”

B patches will remain

Balance in TFT is consistently at the forefront of all changes made to champions, items and traits. At times during Set two things got slightly out of hand, Blender Nocturne anyone? However, thanks to rapid hotfixes in the form of B patches games were never effected by busted units or traits for too long. Given the healthy success that minor B patches provided, it’s clear players can expect more of the same in TFT: Galaxies. In addition, the developers reiterated the importance of minor, less impactful patches to ensure there are no dramatic meta shifts from patch to patch.

“We’re going to launch one mid-set expansion, focusing our efforts on one specific cool moment to come back and see all the new stuff.”


AoE Stuns Removed?

TFT Large Aoe CC Removed?
TFT Large Aoe CC Removed?

Teamfight Tactics Set 2 felt radically different in comparison to Set 1, it wasn’t as flashy, chaotic and explosive. This is not a bad reflection on Set 2, but more a clear showing that Set 1 was very experimental. The Set contained many large AoE CC Skills – Kennen, Morgana, Cho’Gath and Sejuani to name a few. Not to mention destructive traits like Hextech. Rise of the Elements was slower-paced, less flashy and aside from Glacial less frustrating. Riot believes they went slightly too far with Olaf but were happy with the state of disables.

Disables will still make an appearance in TFT: Galaxies, after all, Ziggs and Rumble make up the Trait Demolitionist whos spells stun for 2.5 seconds. Rumble is furthermore one part of the new Super-Mech which has been confirmed will have a large AoE Skill that if the player owns the Demolitionist trait will stun many units for 2.5 Seconds. However, I expect Riot has a soft counter to this hidden up their sleeves and I highly doubt there will be many more units in Set 3 that will provide AoE disables.

TFT Galaxies Super Mech
TFT Galaxies Super Mech

On the flashy side of things, in Riots’ Dev Learnings article, they describe skills in Galaxies as impactful, high clarity not only visually but predictability and exciting! They grasp that although many champions in RotE performed very similar to units in Set 1 many of the visuals were underwhelming.

TFT: Galaxies Trait Design

Continuing to improve on hard counters, TFT Set 3 will offer more unique traits that provide soft counters with the goal of avoiding hard counters altogether. They’ve already done great work in this department with Set 2, comparing Dragon’s from Set 1 to Mystics in Set 2 as a classic example. Dragons proved to be a hard counter to spell casters and left an unpleasant taste in the mouths of players that came up against them.

TFT: Galaxies Carries

One of the goals for TFT: Galaxies are to stretch the carry potential across the cost of the champion spectrum. Whether a unit costs one Gold or five, each should have some form of win condition. The aim is to allow one and two cost units to become more than added parts of a build late game, instead, they can become a threat in their own right.

TFT: Galaxies Items

We can expect many items to get the same love and care that champions and traits have received. Up till now, however, only two items have been confirmed. The Tear of the Goddess and Spatula will return, with the two combined creating a Star Guadian Unit. Interestingly we’ll also see a return of the Spatula in carousels… Kinda. I expect a specific Galaxies will grant a full carousel of nothing but Spatulas.

TFT: Galaxies Ranked

Tft Galaxies Set 3
Tft Galaxies Set 3

Players will not have to wait for a month to jump into ranked play! The moment Teamfight Tactics Galaxies lands in mid-March players can jump into ranked play right way. Many changes and nuances will naturally happen behind the scenes like better matchmaking between rankings, tweaks to gold income and more.

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