Top 5 Tft Builds 10.7

5 Must Try Builds to Climb the Ranks in 10.7

Riot Games has finally unleashed the Galaxies mechanics that changes the rule-set of the auto chess game, Teamfight Tactics.

At the start of each match, there is a small chance players will encounter a unique galaxy that provide users with two Neeko Helpers, a Carousel filled only with 4 cost units or even increase your Little Legends HP. Welcome to TFT Set 3 Galaxies.

By now you would have been accustomed to the new units and traits found in TFT Set 3 Galaxies. However, with the current 10.7 patch, we saw some strong traits being nerfed whilst some receiving reworks or even buffs made to certain units.

With these changes, we give you the latest information on which team comps are performing the best. Here are 5 must try builds to help you climb the ranks in TFT patch 10.7.

10.7 – Mech Infiltrators

  • 3 – Mech-Pilots
  • 4 – Infiltrators
  • 2 – Demolitionist
  • 2 – Valkyrie

As you watch your opponents struggling against a souped-up Super-Mech, your infiltrators will be cleaning up the back line.

This build, requires you to save gold and level up to 7 as quickly as possible as here is where you start to pick up most of the units for this team comp.

Early Game

Pick up Ziggs along with Malphite and Sona for a strong Rebel buff to help with the early stages while keeping your eye out for Kai’Sa and Annie. If you have any of the items required, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Guardian’s Angel or Warmogs, place them on Malphite to keep hold of them until you get hold of Rumble.

Any offensive items, such as a Bloodthirster or an Infinity Edge, keep them on your bench until you can place them on Shaco later on.

Mid Game

As you reach level 7 and with some gold saved up along the way, now will be the time to try reroll and gather the remaining units. With your top priority focusing on Mech-Units Annie and Rumble. With the items taken from Malphite and placed on Rumble and the Super-mech activated, you should be able to be smarter with your gold.

Spend only excess gold, i.e if you have 47 gold, re-roll 3 times to leave yourself with 41 gold and continue to economize. This will help you to grab the remaining infiltrator units and to level them up.

Late Game

Now that you have most of your units, it time to grab the Kayle if you haven’t done so already to complete the Valkyrie trait but more importantly grab the last infiltrator, Ekko. If you finding it hard to grab Ekko, level up to 8 to increase your chances to grab him. Now, sit back and watch your opponents try and kill your Super-Mech with a GA, if they do, they will have to deal with three more units, and then try eliminating Rumble who has his own GA too.

10.7 – Star Guardian Sorcerers

The most simplest, effective and still one of the strongest team comps in TFT Set 3 are the Star Guardian’s that naturally unlocks the Sorcerer Trait along the way.

Early Game

Pick up Zoe, Poppy and Ahri and you will unlock the first milestone of Star Guardian and Sorcerer trait already. Look out for Leona or Mordekaiser to enable the Vanguard trait to help with early rounds if need be.

You will also need to try and get your hands on Tears of the Goddess, Negatron Cloak, Sparring Gloves or Needlessly Large Rod to make your items. Place these items on dispensable units for safe keeping.

Mid Game

You will need to push to level 7 as this will be the best time to pick up Syndra who will be your main carry. Place Chalice of Favor on Syndra and make sure she is placed in the centre (Within 2 Hexes), Every time Syndra cast, she give nearby allies mana that is further aided with the Star Guardian trait. This allow your team comp to burst out their spell quickly and eliminate your opponents before they can blink.

The more times Syndra can cast her spells the more powerful she becomes. Helping you against tanky team comps.

If you have defensive items, place them on Neeko so she can tank, leaving your other units to concentrate on eliminating the enemy.

End Game

With 6 Guardians and 4 Sorcerer Unit you will be in a very comfortable position. You can either focus on leveling up your units, or increase your level and add additional units like Lulu to active the Mystic Trait to complete your build.

If your opponents are using physical units, like Blademasters, Blasters etc. Consider grabbing a Wukong for the Vanguard bonus.

If you wish to go all out, pick up the remaining two Sorcerer units, Annie and Lux.

10.7 – Protector Mystics

Sometimes the best offense is the best defense!

Early Game

The early game is fairly straight forward as you can pick up 3 out of the four Protector units, Jarvan IV, Rakan and Xin Zhao once you reach level 3. Start placing items on Xin Zhao so he is able to soak up damage.

There is no need to level straight away, so staying at level 5, will provide the best chances of getting cost 2 units and help you to level Rakan and Xin Zhao to tier 3.

Mid Game

Begin to look for the rest of the team comp such as Neeko, Karma and Soraka. If you finding it hard to find them, look for Rebel units to boost your team as a substitute until you do. Increase your level to improve your chance of getting Soraka and start transitioning your Rebel units (or other temporary units) out as your prepare for the end phase.

In addition, keep your eyes peeled on any Spatula’s as you will need to turn Sona into an Celestial to complete the build. If it appears there are not going to be Spatula’s items, look for another Celestial unit such as Kassadin and place him in the front line next to your Protectors.

End Game

Now, Lulu is the last unit to complete the build. Role to 8 or even 9 to increase your chances grabbing Lulu. If you manage to level up to 9, place a Star Guardian unit or Thresh to gain the Mana-Reaver bonus.

10.7 – Vanguard Snipers

One shot your units with the use of the deadly Snipers!

Early Game

The main carries for this build are Ashe and Jhin, level 3 cost and 4 cost unit respectively, so you will want to level up quickly, preferably level 7.

Pick up Poppy and Mordekaiser to form your front line and grab Caitlyn to hold items for Jhin. To help out with the early stages, pair Caitlyn with another Chrono unit and start to conserve your gold in order to level up.

Mid Game

Hopefully you should be around level 7 as you push to complete the team composition. Once you pick up your Snipers, Ashe and Jhin, place them on the TFT board at the bottom and one Hexes in. Transfer items over, giving Jhin AD related items and Ashe AP/Mana related items.

Place Karma next to Jhin on the outside so we can counter Blitzcrank as he will take the Karma leaving Jhin to continue sniping. Add Wukong to complete your frontline.

End Game

Try focusing on leveling up Ashe and Jhin to three stars as they are your main damage source. Adding Lulu will activate the Mystic bonus which will help your team again Star Guardian and Sorcerer units. Push to level 9 to increase your chances to get more level 4 and 5 units.

Thanks to the bonus from Dark Star, Sniper Trait and the powerful items placed on Jhin, you can sit back and watch as Jhin one shots his targets.

10.7 – Dark Star

With some Crowd Control specialist units, Shaco will infiltrator the back line, eliminating everyone in his way.

Early Game

Most of your units and the carry, Shaco are cost 3 units, so the optimum level you need to be at is level 7. So grab the early defensive units, Jarvan IV, Mordekaiser and Rakan. Pick up Xayah as she will provide some early damage and can hold the items for Shaco.

If you have AP items, pick up an early cost unit that will benefit from them such as Ziggs, Ahri or even Darius.

Mid Game

Once you have reach level 7, its time to try and get your team comp. Lux and Shaco will be your main carries so they will be your top priority.

Unlike the sniper composition above, Karma will be protecting Shaco, shielding him as he jumps to the enemies back line. Jhin dying early is a good thing as this will boost all Dark Star units. Boosting Shaco and Lux damage.

Provide Rakan with defensive items, so he can CC units whilst taking focus and soaking up the damage. Health related items will give Rakan a bigger shield due to the Protector trait.

This can set up some nice Wombo Combo moments with Rakan knock-up and Lux powerful linear stun.

Shaco is now free to roam, picking off his targets one by one.

End Game

Now, it is time to focus on getting Lux and Shaco to their third tier to complete the build. Remember it’s okay for Dark Star Units to die, e.g. front liners, Mordekaiser and Jarvan IV. This will only make Shaco and Lux stronger, so make sure you place excess items else where such as Ashe.

If you manage to reach level 9 and you have one space left, depending on the current situation, you can either go for Mystics to protect yourself from the powerful Star Gaurdian’s and Sorcerers team comps or Vanguard for Physical Damage comps.

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