Teamfight Tactics Set 3 Galaxies Best Builds

5 Amazing TFT 10.6 Builds [Set 3]

Everybody is pumped about the brand-new expansion of Teamfight Tactics, TFT: Galaxies that currently available only on the PBE. TFT: Galaxies is feeling like a shiny new game, with so many changes. Even the most skilled players experience a little trouble navigating their way through the new mechanics, items and champions. Prompting players to look for some TFT set 3 Tips and build guides.

Figuring out what works and what doesn’t can be frustrating infuriating. Fortunately, we’ve good five amazing TFT 10.6 Builds for you to try out! (Video for all builds coming shortly)

TFT Set 3 – Dark Star Infiltrator

  • 6 Dark Star
  • 2 Infiltrator
  • 2 Vanguard

EXPLOSIVE! The damage from the Dark Star duo Shaco and Jhin will constantly put a smile on your face.

There are a few possible changes you can implement to this TFT 10.6 team composition which makes it one of the best to try out in your games. Utilising Ashe for the Sniper trait before Ekko is available not only strengthens your team but places you in the unique flexible position to switch things up. For example, you can drop Wukong and Ekko in favor of grabbing Ashe and Lulu to provide magic resist and extra healing from the Celestial trait.

Early Game

  • Try picking up the two front-line brutes – Jarvan IV and Mordekaiser.
  • It will not always be possible to get both early in which case try and get some cheap synergies like Rebel or ranged DPS until you can pick up the Dark Stars.
  • Karma and Shaco are next on your shopping list, hopefully, its the latter. Either way, this will unlock the Dark Star trait.
  • Jhin and Shaco represent the team’s carries, make sure to position them well to gain the bonuses from unit deaths. (Dark Star Trait)

Mid Game

  • Next up is Lux, Wukong and of course Jhin. Wukong will act as your main damage sponge and in conjunction with Lux, provide a adequate amount of CC.
  • With the full 6 Dark Star synergy complete, your teams’ damage is at an all-time high. Once again positioning is key. Jhin being a Sniper can be relatively safe from most harm whereas Shaco gets right into the mix of things. Thankfully, due to the new way units target, Shaco’s Deceive helps him lose a lot of the focus fire. However, I fully recommend getting a Guardian Angel on him ASAP.

Late Game

  • Finally, Ekko is the final piece of the puzzle. Providing Shaco with attack speed via the Infiltrator, while devastating opponents with his Chronobreak Ability.


Jhin – Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, Guinsoo’s Rageblade

This is my preferred line up of items, but you can switch out Bloodthirster for Trap Claw if you want. Typically this team composition will get deep into the end game, so I use a Bloodthirster as it holds more value when the team is 9 units large.

Shaco – Guardian Angel, Spear of Shojin, Infinity Edge

Optionally you can drop the Infinity Edge for another Spear of Shojin as Shaco already inflicts insane damage.

Alternative Team Comp

If win streaking, my aim is to get to 9 units so I can add Lulu and Ashe into the mix by dropping Ekko. You’ll lose out on the Infiltrator buff but Sniper, Celestial and Mystic trait more than make up for it. Here’s the ideal scenario based on a full team comp:

TFT Set 3 – Mechanical Sorcerers

  • 6 Sorcerers
  • 3 Mech-Pilot
  • 3 Star Guardian

It’s Morphin’ Time!!!

Mechanical Sorcerers TFT Set 3 Team comp is definitely one you should attempt when expecting to ascend the ranked ladder. The new mechanic unique to Set 3 Galaxies, pulls in three units – Annie, Rumble, and Ziggs to pilot a large Garen Mech. In this particular set up, we want the mech to be as tanky as possible so that our sorcerers can melt down the enemy team.

Tip: Make sure to place no other items on Rumble or Fizz until after the optimal items are on Annie, else the Super Mech will utilize them for the remainder of the game.

Early Game

  • The early game is the most crucial for this build, Star Guardians are super popular at the moment so expect to be contested for units like Syndra and Ahri. Players may even need to roll champions a little earlier than they expect to acquire these units.
  • Grabbing the three 1 and two cost Sorcerers early will obviously help later into the game, however, I recommend also picking up an early Twisted Fate to activate the 4 Sorcerer trait.
  • If a Rumble appears early, pick up Ziggs to activate the Demolitionist trait.
  • Prioritize the Mech’s items in Carousels – Guardian Angel, Warmog’s and Dragon Claw components.

Mid Game

  • By now you should possess at least the 4 Sorcerers and 3 Star Guardian traits activated and are now looking to finish off the Mech-Pilot.
  • Next on our list is Fizz and Velkoz. Fizz will complete our mech, and Velkoz will provide the team a welcome boost in damage.

End Game

  • One of the very few strong builds that is completed prior to the end game. Thanks to this, econ well and aim to three-star as many units as possible. Adding an extra unit can help but not nearly as much as a three-star Syndra for example.

Note: Many of the units in this TFT 10.6 team composition are extremely popular and with the change to starting gold, make sure to scout your opponents early. If you identify other players further than you in the build, transition away to a different 10.6 build.


Annie – Warmog’s Armor, Dragons Claw, Guardian Angel

For the rest look for AP Damage or Mana.

Void Brawlers

  • 4 Brawler
  • 3 Void
  • 2 Chrono
  • 2 Sorcerer

Void Brawlers are back!

Some of you may be having heart palpitations at the sight of Void Brawlers or believe we’ve gone back in time to TFT Set 1… We worry we haven’t. While many units utilized are the same – Cho’Gath, Khazix and Vi there are some exciting new additions like Vel’koz!

Early Game

  • Ideally, the three units to grab would be Blitzcrank, Malphite, and Twisted Fate.
  • Item Carousel’s focus should go towards items for Velkoz or Cho’Gath, however, if you plan to run Ekko as your 8th unit then prioritize Kha’zix.

Mid Game

  • During the mid-game, your primary goal should be to activate the Void trait. Having Cho’gath and Vel’koz large abilities dealing true damage will help secure a good win streak.
  • Take note of your current position and health and plan for your 8th unit (Ekko).

End Game

  • Adding Ekko into the team will provide a nice attack speed boost to Kha’zix who by now is dealing nothing but true damage. However, providing you sustain the health and gold to get a ninth unit, picking up Jhin and Ashe for the Sniper trait can be really effective in the later rounds. Thanks to the bulky Brawlers in the frontline, Snipers can really shine. Ekko will naturally need to be dropped from the team, though.


  • Cho’Gath – Guardian Angel, Morellonomicon
  • Kha’zix (With Ekko) – Infinity Edge
  • Vel’koz – Seraph’s Embrace, Deathcap
  • Jhin/Ashe (9 unit- Snipers) – Rageblade, Infinity Edge

Alternative 10.6 Team comp

Celestial Snipers

  • 6 Celestial
  • 3 Dark Star
  • 2 Mystic
  • 2 Protector
  • 2 Sniper

There’s nothing more satisfying than witnessing the enemy team’s carry bouncing around like a headless chicken.

Note: You’ll need to convert a unit to Celestial with the use of a Spatula.

Early Game

  • Celestial Snipers can take a while to get online so early game pick up the Xin Zhao and Rakan for the Celestial and Protector traits and from there utilize good early champs like Xayah.
  • Ultimately you’ll require a unit that can effectively carry Lulu’s items which make Xayah an excellent option to have.
  • Also, pick up any Caitlyns you see to pair with Ashe until Jhin becomes available.

Mid Game

  • Adding Ashe into the team should start to unlock some of the build’s potential. Snipers Cait and Ashe will deal copious amounts of damage and stay healthy thanks to the healing from Celestial.
  • Another significant unit and so far has been underused by many players is Kassadin. His disarm ability slows down fights which is perfect for a team that will out sustain any opponent.

End Game

  • Late game is when this build starts to become insane with the introduction of Jhin and Lulu. For an 8th unit, I prefer to use Lux to activate the Dark Star trait and add to an already absurd amount of CC.
  • If, however, you unlock nine units then drop the Lux and add in Soraka and Sona for the 4 Mystics.
  • Items are critically important for Lulu to continuously spam her ability.


  • Lulu – Double Spear of Shojin, Rageblade
  • Any none Celestial Unit – Celestial Orb (Spatula and Negatron Cloak)

Alternative 10.6 Team Comp

Tanky Blasters

  • 4 Blaster
  • 4 Brawler
  • 2 Rebel
  • 1 Mercenary

Are you ready to see Jinx get excited once more?

Early game

  • Start by using Blitz, Malphite, Lucian, and Graves.
  • Carousel’s important to seize items for Jinx, you can employ Graves as a placeholder for now.

Mid Game

  • Four Brawlers are the ultimate goal by the mid-game as this will provide the best chance of reaching the late game.
  • Cho’Gath is highly contested, so you may need to level up and roll earlier than normal to secure him.
  • Once Jinx is acquired, make sure to place close to Blitz so that she can get an early kill proccing her ability.

End Game

  • Rounding off the team comp, include Miss Fortune to complete the 4 Blasters.


Jinx – Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper

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